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OS X for Business: New On-Demand Webinar Series from Apple

Client Computing | Posted on June 25, 2015 by Gary Smyth

This is a very exciting time in Apple history! Not only are they dominating in the consumer market – they’re also making great strides in the business world. With more consumers now using Apple products in their personal lives, it only makes sense they want to use them in the office as well. Just like the iPhone ushered in a new era of mobile productivity in the enterprise, many believe the Apple Watch will change how wearables are viewed in business too.

Thanks to BYOD programs in the workplace, it’s been easy for IT to gain experience with Apple devices, without making the investment in new hardware.

To keep this momentum going, Apple has released a new series of webinars outlining the advantages of introducing OS X into businesses – both large and small. Topics cover everything from the top business features in OS X, to deployment features, and financing options. They also provide real-world examples of the impact Macs are having in the enterprise. For example, by switching to Macs in their office, the careers website CareerBuilder increased their development speed by up to 30%.

While standardization on Macs may not be the right fit across your entire organization, as these webinars suggest, it may make sense for certain users. Creative teams, for example, have been using Macs for years, and developers are now increasingly moving over to this new platform too. Having a mixed environment, instead of relying on one platform, addresses individual user needs better, and decreases security risks and potential total productivity loss. This article by Galen Gruman from Infoworld elaborates on this idea further, debunking some of the myths surrounding Macs for business.

In terms of Apple’s new on-demand webinar series, I would particularly recommend watching OS X System and Network Security. Being a Mac user, I know Macs are generally more secure than Windows PCs. What I didn’t know was all the technology Apple used and created to accomplish this. The security webinars explain all about industry standard Secure Transports, the Application Firewall, File QuarantineGatekeeper, Runtime Protections and App Sandbox. Be sure to watch it and check out the additional resources provided.

For those who have already deployed Apple devices in their business, but not explored Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), do yourself a favor and check out this webinar! It demonstrates how DEP saves time, both initially and in long term. DEP streamlines the initial activation process of new devices to get users up and running with their new technology fast! Furthermore, the management benefit of DEP to IT professionals allows them to spend time where it really counts; planning for new technology and increasing business productivity.

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