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QuickGuide: How End-User Adoption Makes or Breaks your UC Project [Cisco]

Client Computing | Posted on May 14, 2013 by Jason McNeill

Companies who jump into implementing a collaboration solution get so bogged down with project specs, purchasing and implementation concerns that they forget the most important factor: end-user adoption.

Hans Hwang, VP of Advanced Services at Cisco says “…the high cost of low adoption really kicks [in] when under-adoption stops collaboration-enabled strategic initiatives in their tracks.” Basically, when you invest in a large collaboration implementation and users are slow to adopt the new capabilities, that ROI meeting may turn into an awkward conversation. How do you ensure your users will adopt the new tools, taking your collaboration project from awkward ROI meeting to celebrating success?

In this Softchoice Quickguide on Cisco’s Unified Communications and Collaboration offering, we offer 6 key steps to build your collaboration roadmap – all with the end-user in mind. We cover key findings from our own customers’ implementations, how to leverage Softchoice’s own collaboration experience, and showcase our strategic partnership with Cisco as one of a few UC Master and Gold partners in North America.

QuickGuide: How end-user adoption makes or breaks your UC project [Cisco]

What you’ll find in this Softchoice QuickGuide:

  • How to understand your users
  • Evaluate your environment using our framework
  • Review collaboration platforms
  • Implementation and management
  • Tying it back to user adoption

> Download Quickguide

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