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Rugged devices save money and help field workers reach their true potential [Free Guide!]

Client Computing | Posted on January 15, 2018

A device failure in a mission-critical situation will deal a large blow to your team’s progress. It will compromise their safety in hazardous environments. It will also impact team morale and efficiency. In this article, we explain why you cannot afford to equip your mobile teams with common laptops and tablets.

Your mobile teams work around the globe in the harshest of environments

They traverse deserts, forests, and oceans in search of the next big opportunity. From conducting oil explorations to building skyscrapers, they encounter severe conditions every day. To ensure their success, you’ve provided them with the best possible tools for the job. You’ve invested millions in heavy-duty equipment, purpose-built vehicles, and safety apparatuses. But if you have not equipped your teams with the right rugged technology, you’re putting serious roadblocks on their productivity and safety.

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The Roles That Require Rugged

There are many workers in your company that need rugged devices to perform their tasks. Your public safety teams need devices that can operate in the dust, dirt, moisture, and extreme cold or heat. They also need excellent outdoor readability, discrete communications, and vehicle docking capability. Their devices must also endure extreme vibrations and shocks.

Your manufacturing teams need rugged devices to conduct diagnostics and inventory control. Your field workers also need them to provide in-field information and reporting. Their devices must be able to survive drops, dust, and extreme temperatures. They must also operate outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions.

Your teams working on oil rigs and refineries need to analyze and view data in all types of harsh and corrosive environments. They need strong wireless performance to maintain connectivity in remote locations. Their devices must endure high levels of heat, humidity, salt, water, and sand. They must also be able to survive drops from large heights.

A rugged device is much different from a consumer-grade device in a tough case

Like military vehicles, rugged devices are custom-designed to take serious punishment. Unlike a regular tablet or laptop in a ‘tough’ case, these devices are built with an armored exterior that protects all components from shock, vibration, dust, and moisture. For example, rugged devices can survive transit drops from up to six feet (1.82m) high. They will endure heavy moisture intrusion, including pressurized water from every angle. An optional rubberized keyboard protects laptops from salt water fog.

Rugged devices also handle extreme cold and heat with ease. Your teams can use them from -18.4°F to 143.6°F (-28°C to 62°C). They can also be stored between -59.8°F to 159.8°F (‐51°C and 71°C). Even their display hinges will last for tens of thousands of cycles. If you’re using consumer-grade devices with just a tough case, any failure of the case due to environmental conditions listed above will most likely result in downtime and lost productivity as workers struggle to get the device to work properly. Or stop work to wait for a device replacement.

Purpose-built devices increase productivity and worker safety

Rugged devices are built from the ground up to ensure worker safety. For example, bright, outdoor-readable touchscreens that reduce reflections and screens that are usable with heavy work gloves. This allows your teams to use them without distraction on the brightest of days. It also enables them to remain focused on the task at hand. They no longer have to spend time trying to read through glare in a high-risk environment. This not only increases efficiency but also skyrockets safety for all job roles.

Tough devices actually save money in the long run

Research shows that new technologies increase end-user productivity by three to five times. Over 70% of workers also say they’re more productive (and safe) on devices tailor-made for their job roles. This means your workers require purpose-built hardware to achieve their true potential.

Not meeting this need will result in ever-increasing equipment replacement and maintenance costs and frustrated workers who are tired of not having the right tools for the job. This is because your teams will be using consumer-grade devices that do not perform well in tough conditions i.e. they have the wrong tools for the job.

Rugged devices, like the Dell Rugged Series, on the other hand, have been purpose-built and tested to excel in the harshest of environments. They will also optimize costs for your company, as their long-lasting design will help you save on replacement expenses.

A family of devices that keep workers safe and productive

With two tablets, two laptops, and a convertible notebook, the Dell Rugged range offers you a device for every worker.

Latitude Tablet

The family’s smallest member is the 11.6-inch Latitude 7212 Tablet. It weighs less than 1.28 kg, and features shock-absorbent materials to withstand drops. Its durable, built-to-last chassis has also passed extensive military-grade testing.

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

This 12-inch tablet meets rigorous military and industry requirements. Its material is shock-absorbent and compression-sealed from sand, dust and liquids. It features an outdoor-readable, glove-capable touchscreen display and stylus.

Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme Convertible

This 12-inch laptop is the first rugged device to feature a flip-hinge display. It seamlessly switches between notebook and tablet modes for great versatility. It is also built with a rigid magnesium alloy for extreme durability.

Latitude 14 Rugged

This 14-inch notebook is built to withstand shocks, drops, and vibrations. It features class-leading dust and water protection. It also thrives in extreme temperatures with Dell QuadCool thermal management. You can even equip it with an optional glove-capable touchscreen with stylus.

Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme

This 14-inch laptop meets rigorous military-standard requirements. It is compression-sealed from sand, dust, and liquids. It also comes with an outdoor-readable, glove-capable touchscreen. It will allow your teams to stay connected everywhere with 4G LTE connectivity. It also provides up to 10 hours of battery life for all-day productivity.

Get a free guide to the Dell Rugged family

To learn more about Dell Rugged devices and ALL of the related accessories download our Field Guide to Dell Rugged Devices now and get a closer look at Dell Rugged, and Dell Rugged Extreme devices. We also cover how to read device standards, and the value of building a technology roadmap for your hardest workers.

Click here to download a free Field Guide to Dell Rugged Devices and their accessories

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