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Start Building a Better Small Business Now – Here’s How

Client Computing | Posted on February 3, 2015 by Debbie Stephenson

In the past, big business owned innovation. If your name was Ford or General Electric you had the money to create influence that reached a global audience. You weren’t just the early adopters – you dictated what technology other organizations adopted. You showed everyone how it was done.

Thankfully, for small and mid-sized businesses, possibly like yours, that was yesterday.

Today, rapid advances in technologies like SaaS and mobility have literally changed everything.

Being a small business is no longer a barrier to global success

Small and mid-sized businesses (affectionally known as SMBs) are now able to compete toe-to-toe the big guys. And it’s the ‘smart little guys’ – the leaders of these SMBs – who view technology as a strategic enabler, that are setting their organizations up for success.

Your small business is ready to compete with the big guys

In the book The New Small: How a New Breed of Small Businesses is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies, Phil Simon explains how SMBs have the potential to become a ‘New Small’ company that can leapfrog big businesses with the use of technology.

“Emerging technologies are allowing progressive companies to leap ahead of others still struggling to figure things out” Excerpt from The New Small, written by Phil Simon

Simon’s book explores how companies use a creative approach to technology that enables them to reach new customers, reduce costs, increase internal collaboration and communication, and create flexible work environments.

Simon highlights 5 technologies that he believes make a dramatic difference and impact on the business world. He refers to these as The Five Enablers.

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Software as a service (SaaS)
  3. Free and open source software (FOSS)
  4. Social Technologies
  5. Mobility

Why companies lag behind

In the New Small, Simon calls out many reasons why organizations still struggle to implement new technologies that enable companies to grow their business, attract talent, increase communications & collaboration, reduce costs, improve productivity, and ultimately, compete with large companies. Some of these reasons include:

  • Some are just overwhelmed by the rate of change.
  • Some just don’t care – they don’t plan to change anything if they can avoid it.
  • Some are probably intimidated by these new technologies.
  • Some just aren’t aware. Their attention is elsewhere.
  • Some subscribe to the view “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Now is the time to Build a Better Business

For years, the Softchoice team has been talking about the consumerization of IT with our clients. Our own VP of IT Francis Li calls it “The Changing Role of IT” and encourages organizations to “embrace the IT revolution” in order to stay relevant and continue to move forward.

Working with Lenovo and third-party research firm BizTeckReports, we wanted to explore the business impact of one of Simon’s Five Enablers – mobility.

We spent time last year conducting two executive surveys with various SMBs across Canada and the US. What wanted to better understand:

  1. The current mindset and landscape of mobile devices (and by mobile we mean laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1’s) amongst SMBs
  2. Compare and contrast the mobile computing attitudes and plans among high-growth and low-growth SMBs
  3. Compare and contrast mobile computing attitudes and plans between US and Canadian SMBs
  4. Determine if there is a direct correlation between an organization’s investment in mobility and revenue growth, improved processes, and creating a competitive advantage
  5. Explore case studies of organizations that are using mobility to grow revenue, improve processes, and create a competitive advantage

We are now sharing the content and results with our clients directly. Check out our brand new Build a Better SMB Hub for detailed reports and case studies, along with a product showcase of our favourite mobile devices for SMBs.

Visit the hub!

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