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Start Saving Serious Cash On Your Printing Costs [HP]

Client Computing | Posted on December 17, 2012

If only that old multi-function printer down the hall could be used to print money – legally speaking of course – maybe we’d pay a bit closer attention to how it contributes to the bottom line.

But as it stands, most organizations under-value the impact printing, scanning, copying and faxing has on their finances. Perhaps because managing these environments can quickly get complicated, many organizations aren’t fully aware of what they are actually spending, or whether their workforce is using that hardware efficiently or properly.

Continue reading to see how much you can save on your print fleet.

Which is a real shame, because the hidden costs of print infrastructure can account for as much as 6 percent of your bottom line.  And research has shown that with the proper print management strategy, organizations are able to reduce the costs by as much as 30 percent, while delivering significant gains in productivity.

One solution that takes the complexity out of this ordeal is HP’s Print Managed Services, offered in cooperation with Softchoice. The program helps businesses of various sizes manage and optimize their print and copy work, as well as improve business processes, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other more strategic initiatives.

How HP Managed Print Services work

First we take a data-driven look to monitor and understand your print fleet. A software tool is used to gather relevant information from all of your devices— including HP and non-HP devices. This will let you know who is printing, how much, when and other similar insights.

At the same time, we’ll work directly with you to define and understand your future goals and ensure they are included in our proposed plans.

Next, once we’ve completed our detailed analysis, we provide targeted recommendations for managing your print environment, optimizing devices and locations, and improving business process workflows. A common example of this is identifying machines that are being under or over utilized, and suggesting to relocate them to make sure optimize their output.

The last and perhaps most crucial part of managed print service is the value we add in supply. We put in place the proper business processes to take the guesswork out of managing and restocking your printer supplies. This is a complex and costly problem; for instance, often organizations will replace toner cartridges long before their expiry. Our solution ensures you use every last bit of toner, and keep expenses down.


The benefits of a properly managed print fleet can be tremendous and go beyond ongoing cost efficiencies. Organizations will also enjoy the monitoring power needed to identify improper use of company resources, as well giving users more insight into their own printing habits and encouraging more efficient habits.

On top of that, one major feature of managed print services is the attention it gives to security. We can easily identify where your mission critical documents are being printed and understand how to keep them protected, with solutions such as requiring a CEO to enter a passcode right on the device, before releasing a print job in a common area.

Get started with a conversation about your print needs

Multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines are vitally important to most organizations. But managing these devices can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly.

To understand if a managed solution is right for you, reach out to me, Softchoice’s Managed Print Specialist, or leave a comment below.

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