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Stay ahead of the curve with Dell’s U3415W UltraSharp 34-inch Curved Monitor

Client Computing | Posted on June 20, 2016 by Tania Stadnik

While a few manufacturers announced production of curved monitors back in January, Dell recently released its first entry—the U3415W UltraSharp 34-inch Curved Monitor.

The device puts performance ahead of the curve with one of the world’s first 34-inch, 21:9 curved monitors, which presents a panoramic view. It also offers WQHD 3440×1440 resolution, with more than 1 billion accurate colors with a wide 99% sRGB1 color gamut consistently across a wide viewing angle. Here’s why this monitor is for you.


The “U” in the product’s name stands for UltraSharp, meaning the monitor promises highly accurate colors, strong contrast and solid ergonomics. The monitor will also appeal to video-editors, who can take advantage of the extra space for longer timeline views, as well as graphic designers, who can see more content within one window.

By curving the screen slightly, the extra width will fit better in your peripheral vision, and reduce the amount of head-turning you’d normally use to see an entire desktop.


As you immerse yourself in a truly panoramic experience, you’ll be able to enjoy an optimal viewing experience. As mentioned, the curved screen maximizes your viewing space and also minimizes reflections. With the U3415W, you can view images comfortably with the “wrap-around feel,” drawing you deeper into your designs. The display is virtually borderless and has a thin bezel design. You can even take the display a step further with a seamless view across multiple monitors, simply by placing the thinnest edges side-by-side for the most enhanced view.


As a professional, you know that space is key, both on your desk and on your display. The U3415W fully adapts to your preferences with tilt, swivel and height adjustments. In addition, you can easily work on various projects at the same time using the monitor’s organized windows, known as Dell Easy Arrange.

Two upstream ports on the device allow you to view applications between two computers at the same time, while managing all content with just one keyboard and mouse. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet to the monitor using its Mini DisplayPort, or use HDMI 2.0 to use your favorite apps in full 21:9 aspect ratio.

Considering a purchase?

If you need a sophisticated display, the Dell U3415W will keep you ahead of the curve. Contact a Softchoice expert today to discuss your specific hardware needs. From designers to architects to engineers, we’re confident that this device will completely change the way you do—and see—business.

Let Dell’s Precision laptops drive your U3415W

The Precision Mobile Workstations were designed for professional creators. If you’re currently using one of these laptops, you already know it’s one of the highest-performing and fully customizable workstations certified with professional applications. They feature the most powerful Intel processors, fully capable of driving Dell’s U3415W UltraSharp 34-inch Curved Monitor. As a creative professional, take advantage of this perfect, powerful pairing to capitalize on uncompromised performance for your demanding, specialized applications.

Check out this Infographic on the Power of a Mobile Workstation.

The Power of a Workstation with the Mobility of a Laptop

From Visually.

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