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The Help You Need Selecting Thin Clients [HP]

Client Computing | Posted on October 31, 2012

As IT leaders increasingly look to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deliver cost savings and productivity, it’s more important than ever to select the best thin-client endpoints to get the job done.

VDI promises huge upsides, from lowering OPEX to simplifying asset management. But, if the endpoints are mismatched with the needs of users, those benefits may never come to fruition. And in some cases, the project may fail at the proof of concept stage.

While there are numerous options for thin-client manufacturers, HP has attractive, cutting-edge offerings for businesses. To help better understand this option, here are a few highlights of how HP delivers an optimal VDI implementation.

The whole ecosystem – not just pieces

HP is in a rare position to be able to provide a rich, end-to-end ecosystem around VDI, with solid offerings in the networking, server, storage and client side, as well as maintaining deep ties with the big three virtualization software partners ‑ Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

In fact, HP is arguably the largest partner when it comes to those software partners – and that kind of relationship can be good news when it comes to ensuring the highest quality, lowest-friction integrations.

In addition, selecting a holistic solution means simplicity for IT managers. It gives you the peace of mind of having just one phone number to call if you run into troubles and can make managing the solution far easier as a result.

Big savings

Another reason to go with HP as your Thin Client provider are the significant total cost of ownership (TCO) gains its technology provides over traditional “fat client” set-ups.

By switching to an HP ThinClient environment, a business can save up to 48% on their overall TCO.  To break that number down, businesses can expect to:

  • chop their capital expenditures in half
  • pay 20% less to operate thanks to lower energy consumption
  • enjoy fewer management headaches, saving them one third of traditional maintenance costs.

Manageability baked in

Another feature that can’t be overlooked is HP’s built-in manageability tool, HP Device Manager. This software tool, which comes free with the purchase of HP endpoints, offers robust management functions for up to 50,000 users. There are no upfront fees or ongoing maintenance costs.

Many businesses already have a management tool for existing fat clients, but will need to pony up additional funds to extend that functionality to their VDI environment. With Device Manager, you get a no-cost solution, that can accomplish the basic and advanced functions you need, including Asset Tracking and Reporting, Remote Control, Firmware updating, image updating and lots more.


HP has a record of being ahead of the game. So, selecting them as a thin-client provider gives you the added benefit of knowing you are working with a partner that will constantly be innovating.  Take a look at a couple of solutions HP has in the pipe or already in market.

  • t410 all-in-one Smart Zero Client, a cutting edge power over Ethernet (POE) zero client, which performs like a PC on 13 watts of power without compromising screen brightness.
  • HP Smart Zero technology, brings a plug and play experience. The end-user connects and the HP auto-sensing technology locates the host server and downloads the latest update. If you change your virtualization software, the end point adapts to its environment.

That’s just a couple of examples, but the bottom line is that going with HP helps to ensure your investments are always being placed ahead of the curve.


One last point on why HP may be the best vendor for VDI endpoints is how simple they have made the warranty process. Returning equipment or troubleshooting problems is never an IT leader’s favorite thing to do – but if the worst case should happen, and you should encounter an issue, HP has created a very customer friendly process for returns.

If HP can’t diagnose the issue from the phone, or online, they’ll send a new unit right away. There are no painful wait times for repair. It’s a simple feature – but it could make all the difference if you are in a bind and need help quickly.

In summary

Businesses are steadily increasing their investments in VDI as a powerful cost savings solution. But, it may all be for nothing if they are stuck with a sub-par user experience.  HP’s dedication to innovation, customer service and cost reduction technologies make it an attractive solution for any size business.

To understand if HP fits your needs, contact Softchoice to have a discussion with a vendor agnostic product expert. Your Softchoice Account Manager can get you started. If you don’t have an Account Manager, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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