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The Top 5 Reasons Enterprises go with Unlocked Smartphones

Client Computing | Posted on December 22, 2016 by Arun Kirupananthan

Set Your Enterprise Smartphones Free

The smartphone is an indispensable tool for 98% of business users[1]. It’s commonplace for enterprises to equip employees with smartphones. Pressure to find flexible ways to provide phones has sparked a revolution to free enterprises locked into carrier contracts.

A new breed of unlocked phones from OEMs like Samsung has changed the game for consumers and enterprise organizations alike. Being able to swap SIM cards means more control along with key cost and flexibility benefits. The market is catching on. The number of unlocked units shipped in the US increased 140% YOY in 2015. This is set to grow another 58% in 2016, making unlocked phones the fastest growing segment of the market. We compiled the top 5 reasons enterprises are joining the “Free Your Phone” revolution.

1. No Strings Attached

Being free from carrier contracts lets you choose the plan that best suits your needs – and change plans when a better offer comes around. Using unlocked phones allows you the flexibility to take advantage of increasing competition between carriers. Additional pressure from emerging mobile virtual network operators means plans for unlocked phones now go as low as $20/ month in the US and $30/month in Canada.

2. Keeping it Simple

Unlocked phones allow you to control the breadth of devices your IT organization will service and support. Enterprise mobility managers can select the best networks across multiple territories while supporting one model of phone. At the same time, standardized training and support yields lower total cost of ownership for the mobile fleet.

3. Streamlined for Productivity

Buying phones direct from the OEM also mean saying goodbye to “bloatware.” Unnecessary software pre-installed by carriers, can affect performance and annoy end users. In fact, pre-loaded apps can become a significant burden on a mobile operating system. Unlocked phones come built with a streamlined application inventory primed for high-productivity business use.

4. Limitless Selection

Procuring unlocked phones means your selection isn’t tied to a single carrier’s offering. A full range of choices from leading OEMs means a company can get devices that meet demands of specific roles. For example, a power business user might choose the Samsung Galaxy S7.

5. Cut Roaming Costs

Domestic carriers often charge steep rates for international roaming. A swappable SIM card gives business travelers the option to buy a prepaid local card or one made for international roaming. They can then take advantage of much lower local call rates at their destination. Enterprises can save up to 80% on calling from abroad by avoiding overages from mobile providers. These savings are critical as cellphone reimbursement policies are becoming required for many employers.

It stands to reason that so many organizations are joining the “Free Your Phone” revolution. An unlocked smartphone deployment provides enterprises with key advantages in cost and flexibility.

The next generation of unlocked phones from Samsung help enterprise buyers get the most out of unlocked smartphone deployments by offering defense-grade mobile security and advanced productivity features.

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