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What Apple’s Device Enrollment Program is, and what it means for IT

Client Computing | Posted on March 2, 2015 by Joseph Byer

Softchoice is pleased to be one of the first Authorized Resellers in North America to support Apple’s Device Enrollrment Program. The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned Mac or iOS devices. Enroll today!

What Apple’s Device Enrollment Program means for you

Now, any iPad® or Mac® purchased from Softchoice may be automatically configured for enterprise management, before they’re ready to use. This means IT departments no longer need to:

  • Pre-configure devices at the help desk, or pay for the service by a 3rd party
  • Wonder if users are taking the proper steps to enroll company-issued iPads in MDM

To get a better understanding of Apple DEP and its benefits, watch this short video:

How to take advantage of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program

1. Sign up as a DEP customer with a unique Apple ID (one that has not been used on the iTunes® store or for the VPP program)

2. Connect the DEP with your existing MDM Server. This requires a token exchange between your DEP and MDM which can be done in a few quick steps.

3. Assign Softchoice as your Apple DEP Reseller using the appropriate number below.

  • Softchoice Canada DEP Reseller ID: 135A3B0
  • Softchoice USA DEP Reseller ID: 11FFFA0

4. Add your unique customer DEP# to all future Purchase Orders to Softchoice

5. You’re set! Your iPad and Mac will now be managed out of the box.

How to test Apple’s Device Enrollment Program before moving forward

If your company has purchased Apple devices from Softchoice in the past, those devices can be enrolled in DEP. Previous purchases as far back as March 2011 are eligible, as long as they meet these requirements:

  • iPads: iOS 7 and above
  • Macs: OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” and above

Just send your Softchoice Account Manager or Me a list of serial numbers or the original order number on which the Apple product was purchased and we’ll get them set up in your DEP portal, which allows you to assign devices. If you don’t have those serial numbers, work with your Softchoice Account Manager, and they’ll provide detailed reports on past purchases.

Once these devices are properly assigned to an MDM server in your DEP, reset them to factory default settings and they’ll be managed as soon as they are re-activated.

What the Apple Device Enrollment Program costs

Nothing. It’s free to sign up and free to use! And the time you invest in setting up your DEP will payoff with time saved deploying Apple devices in the future.

What if our company doesn’t have an MDM solution in place?

Softchoice will help you test and select the ideal MDM solution. Along with in-house specialists supporting McAfee, Sophos, Airwatch and Trend Micro, we also have vendor-agnostic security resources to help you make the right decision.

What about other deployment services, like asset tagging and carrier activation?

Softchoice still offers these services separately. We have a very strong practice in providing:

  • Asset tag creation and application
  • Kitting of accessories and printed instruction sheets for end-users
  • Carrier activation on the major cellular networks across North America, free of charge

What questions do you have about Apple’s Device Enrollment Program?

Leave them below and I’ll answer as quickly as possible! Alternatively, connect with your Softchoice Account Manager to get started on the Apple DEP process.

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