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What the Public Sector Can Expect From Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Client Computing | Posted on July 16, 2013 by Robyn Eddison

In May 2013, Adobe launched Creative Cloud – a SaaS app subscription based model of Adobe’s Creative Suite products. As many customers begin to transition from the traditional desktop based applications to working online, Adobe recognized that public sector clients have unique requirements. That’s why on July 8th 2013, Adobe announced the new CLP Government term offering called Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps (CCDA).

CCDA enables government customers to purchase and run the Adobe Creative Suite programs they require, with all the new features and updates, locally from a desktop – without connecting to the Adobe Creative Cloud. The desktop apps-only option is a term-based product offering for new or existing CLP government customers. CCDA is ideal for the government customer that needs to be behind a secure firewall or is in an area with limited to no internet access.

The difference between Creative Cloud and CCDA

CCDA features many of the same industry leading tools found within Adobe’s Creative Cloud; however there are a few key differences which specially address the needs of Government customers.

Creative Cloud features included in CCDA:

  • Expert Support
  • License Management
  • Software deployment tools

Creative Cloud features not included in CCDA:

  • Creative Cloud online storage
  • Online services
  • Does not require internet connectivity

Breakdown of all Creative Cloud Government Offerings

Softchoice knows that not all government customers have the same requirements or needs. Creative Cloud might actually make sense for your department based on your security requirements and the nature of work your creative team is producing. Based on Adobe’s offerings, you can use the following chart to determine which Creative Cloud government offering is best for your organization:

CCDA Adobe Table

Our team continues to work directly with Adobe to better understand all new features, offerings, and implications that may affect our customers with this new change. Understanding which offering best suites your needs can easily be done with a conversation with your Softchoice Account Manager.  If you have any additional questions, please leave your comments below.

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