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Windows XP is Dead: 3 Strong Reasons to Refresh with Mac OS X

Client Computing | Posted on September 5, 2013 by Joseph Byer

Microsoft announced that as of April 8, 2014 it will no longer support Windows XP. If you work at one of the 67% of organizations that are still on XP, now’s the time to step up and refresh your aging systems. And you don’t need to default to Windows 7 or 8 just because you’ve always used Microsoft.

Twelve years ago (when Windows XP was first released), Mac® computers would not have been viable for most organizations. However, Apple® has since made Mac a business-ready option that allows you to take advantage of the latest mobile and collaboration technologies, while integrating seamlessly into a PC world.

Here are three reasons why you should consider a Mac for your next refresh.

1. Mac computers have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than PCs

Many IT professionals believe a Mac costs more than a PC. However, a survey of enterprise IT managers who administer both PC and Mac revealed that a Mac has a lower TCO than a PC. Respondents who save on Mac computers state[ that it costs them 20% less to manage a Mac than a PC. (Source: Enterprise Desktop Alliance survey as reported by ZDNet – 2010)

The up-front costs of Mac and PC computers are nearly equal. According to Gartner, Mac hardware and software costs $1,622, while Windows costs $1,513. Meanwhile, Mac IT labor costs average $636, while Windows costs are $781. (Source: Computerworld – 2012) Leasing a Mac makes the roll out even easier on your bottom line, as you pay only 90% of the purchase price.

Plus, while PCs have little or no worth at the end of a three-year life cycle, Mac computers retain greater value. Here are some examples:

CPU value table

2. Mac won’t burden your helpdesk

Many IT managers won’t include Mac computers in their managed fleets, because their helpdesks don’t have the OS X® knowledge needed to support the systems. However, in most cases, your helpdesk won’t need to provide support. This is because the majority of Mac issues are software-related and quickly handled through AppleCare®.

Imagine your Mac is “dead”. In the past, you would have needed to drive to the nearest Apple store – let’s hope your computer “dies” during business hours! Then, you would wait in line for support. Yep, business and consumer customers go through the same process. After getting to the front of the line, you discover that pressing two buttons would fix your system. Now – instead of wasting your time or burdening your helpdesk – you simply call AppleCare and resolve the problem within minutes. You can even use to make an appointment for AppleCare to call you.

If you want to have access to a level of AppleCare beyond the generic consumer service, there are also AppleCare Enterprise OS options where the emphasis is on integration in a business environment. You can get your help desk team to interact with experts on using Mac and iOS devices with Windows Server, Exchange Server and Cisco VPNs.

3. You won’t have as many hardware/software compatibility problems

If you manage PCs, you need detailed roadmaps whenever your vendor changes your service. These roadmaps allow you to smoothly handle transitions and ensure that technology updates don’t disrupt your users. However, Apple doesn’t provide roadmaps before it releases new hardware products or makes major changes to iOS. You’ll just hear rumors and speculations and – voilà! – Apple launches a new product. While this may seem challenging, it actually saves you a lot of effort.

The reason why PC vendors give you roadmaps is so you make sure your version of Windows will work with the new technology. Apple designs their hardware and software to work together, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility and drivers the same way you would with Windows.

Apple also gives software developers access OS X betas. If you develop internal software that runs on Mac, join the Mac OS X Developers program to get in the inside scoop on updates.

Discover the value of your fleet today! Get a Softchoice TechCheck to gain insight into what all of your PC and Mac computers are worth. This will also let you know if your systems are still under warranty, so you get the most value for your refresh.

Also be sure to check out the “How to Decide if Your Organization is Apple-Ready” infographic for a quiz that takes you through the key questions you must ask before adding Mac to your BYOD policy.

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