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Newest AWS Region Enables Data Residency in Canada

Cloud | Posted on January 18, 2016

Organizations with operations in Canada take note: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced in 2016 they will launch an AWS Region in Canada. Canadian IT shops will be able to access the powerful AWS platform while ensuring data sovereignty within Canada.

AWS Regions are the largest-scale unit of AWS infrastructure. Other AWS Regions include US East (Oregon), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), but there are 17 in total in operation or announced around the world. Each AWS Region contains a minimum of two Availability Zones. When you deploy AWS infrastructure you typically specify an AWS Region and an Availability Zone, and then under the covers AWS will use one or more datacenters located in that Availability Zone to deliver the service.

This structure of AWS Regions and Availability Zones facilitates control over data residency. AWS Services will never move your data from one region to another unless you explicitly configure the connection. For example, the phenomenal resiliency of data storage in AWS Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) is achieved by replicating data within and across Availability Zones, but S3 will never under the covers replicate your data into another AWS Region. Customers wishing to ensure their data stays resident in Canada will choose the AWS Region in Canada, knowing that the data will stay in the Availability Zones located in Canada.

The structure of AWS Regions and Availability Zones also facilitates high-availability deployments for critical applications. Critical applications can be deployed to two Availability Zones to ensure continuity even in the unlikely event of failure of an entire Availability Zone. Service levels can be further guaranteed with architectures that automatically scale the resources deployed within an Availability Zone to restore service levels. With the announcement that AWS are launching an AWS Region for Canada we are guaranteed a minimum of two Availability Zones in Canada and hence the capability to do these high-availability deployments.

How will data residency in Canada help your business? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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