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Top 4 Considerations When Choosing Microsoft Office 365 Migration Partner

Cloud | Posted on January 24, 2018

While Microsoft Office 365 is a staple of today’s businesses, the first step—migrating your business to the cloud—can seem overwhelming. And once that’s done, it’s all for nothing if your organization isn’t able to take advantage of all the potential of this suite of products. One way to ensure you’re maximizing your investment in Office 365 is to engage with a proven partner with deep experience in every migration phase, from pre-planning to end-user training—but it’s absolutely critical to choose the right partner.

What should you look for in a migration partner?

Understanding of your business—and your users

The Microsoft Office 365 migration partner you choose should take the time to understand your business, your users, and what they need to achieve with Office 365. What are your business objectives, today and in the future—from profits to productivity? How will this cloud migration affect your business? Then, how will your employees use the technology? Do you have mobile users? What licensing options are best for your organization? All of these things should be considered.

Ability to smooth the migration process

The right partner should fully understand the migration’s potential as well as possible pitfalls, from licensing to cost to getting users up and running. You want to team up with a partner who can help navigate your transition to new and more productive applications—with minimal disruption. You ultimately want the transition to go so smoothly that your end users don’t even notice.

Training experience

To ensure your users are gaining full productivity benefits from Office 365, the ideal partner can help your time-strapped IT team train them on everything they can do with all the new features suddenly at their fingertips.

Post-migration support

A partner with deep migration experience will provide documentation to help your post-migration as well as provide access to a dedicated support center to resolve any incidents you might encounter—and automatically investigate or escalate issues, as necessary.

If your company is considering migrating to Microsoft Office 365, you should download the eBook, Choose the Right Partner for Your Office 365 Migration. It provides key factors to consider during your search for the right migration partner.

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