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Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth: UX and Cisco Cloud Collaboration

Collaboration | Posted on October 11, 2019 by Ryan Coverdale

Do you remember the first time you heard of the cloud?

Can you remember a long time ago, waaaay back, when the buzz word was catching on? People asked, “Why don’t we just put this in the cloud?” and you thought, “I don’t think they know what they’re saying.”

That was a long time ago. The cloud is still ubiquitous to every conversation. But now it’s feature-rich and being used by organizations around the world. It’s easy to understand why: It takes away pesky infrastructure concerns. It provides a plethora of thought-provoking capabilities. It offers the largest platform to small and large organizations alike.  It unifies experience and simplifies connectivity. In the cloud, we can develop and distribute business content and it scales and distributes and adapts.

But the vast majority of us, even today, can’t move everything to the cloud. There are functionality, manageability and security concerns woven through the fabric of our organizations. We have executive mandates and service contracts and tiny functionality nuances. All this must be considered when architecting a cloud solution to replace the legacy solution.

Sometimes the solution is too large to move. The old adage is, “to eat a whale, you take one bite at a time.” What if your business requires that whale to be fully functional at all times? What if you can’t afford to have a half eaten whale laying around?

In the article below, we’ll explore the two goals all organizations need to achieve to make their cloud strategy a success.

It’s all about the user experience

When it comes to the cloud, there are two goals all organization need to accomplish (from an IT perspective):

  • Adopt the right cloud strategy
  • Optimize the end-user experience

The key to success for any cloud strategy is to find the right mix of on-premise and cloud technologies to deliver the right application with a experience to the end user. The next part of the balancing act is to provide end-users with the tools necessary to get things done. Users want a seamless and efficient way to get work done. To succeed, organizations need a deep understanding of these needs that evolves over time through continuous monitoring.

To illustrate, here’s a quick story.

IT comes to end users and says, “We’re crossing the desert.”

Cut to the next day. The users arrive, ready for the journey with the tools (they feel) they need.

“What is THIS?”, asks IT, flustered at the array of non-sanctioned or unsecured cloud software.

But to no avail: The users feel attached to the tools they use day-in, day-out. They couldn’t do their jobs without them.

Needless to say, there is no pleasing everyone. But with the right approach, a lot of experience and a healthy dose of expert adoption services, as IT we can navigate the treacherous waters of user experience and deliver great outcomes!

Users get what they need and IT maintains control over shadow IT.

Now we’re talking.

Delivering on the end-user promise

At Softchoice, we believe any major technology change merits a deep investigation into the needs and preferences of the user base. This allows an organization to combine technical and cultural investigations to design solutions that deliver the best possible outcomes. This approach allows organizations to deliver revolutionary change to the user experience and deploy that design in the way best suited to their technical situation.

Cisco’s hardware, software and cloud collaboration suite provides the most robust and seamless experience for the users of that collaboration technology. Users get a robust collaboration experience that complements the way they work. In this aspect, the solution leverages Cisco’s unique approach to the cloud. What does that mean?

Cisco’s Hybrid On-Prem and Cloud solutions allow clients to eat the aforementioned whale one bite at a time. End users will have the same seamless and robust experience in any location and on any device. The solution remains true to the user experience design whether a company’s Seattle office has been migrated to the cloud or it’s still running on local hardware. The back-end technology is invisible to the end user.

Cisco collaboration technology puts the focus on the end-user experience. Together, Softchoice’s professional services and Cisco’s technology increase the quality of the End User Experience and Client Experience regardless of how far along you are on your cloud journey.

Ready to get collaborating?

Still not sure how to get started? Softchoice helps businesses across North America through a combination of services aimed at Modern Collaboration. Getting your collaboration strategy moving is as simple as taking out Productivity Readiness Assessment to establish a strategy and roadmap to improve end-user productivity. Our Teams Accelerator then takes the first steps to realizing that strategic vision. Ongoing Managed Collaboration Services maintain governance and drive adoption and usage.

Want to learn more about cloud collaboration? Watch our webinar recording “Driving the Best End User Experience with Cisco Webex Teams”:

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