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Missed out on Adobe MAX? Here’s what you need to know

Collaboration | Posted on November 30, 2017 by Liz Teodorini

Creatives who want to keep up with what’s new and essential in their field go to Adobe MAX. Adobe wowed attendees in Las Vegas in October with their Creative Cloud suite, featuring improvements to flagship products and new cutting-edge tools. Built to address the main challenges facing creatives—collaboration and mobility—this next generation software allows users to capture, organize, search, and share seamlessly, from anywhere with a connection.

Make the world your office

Traditional creative teams work side-by-side, literally sitting next to each other. In this environment, collaboration is easy but mobility is limited. With the rise of mobile devices and on-the-fly technologies, creatives need to adapt or risk being left behind. It’s common for amateurs to take photographs, shoot video, mock-up animations, or record audio to post instantly to social media. Meanwhile, larger professional teams are tethered to their offices—not the most inspiring setting. Modern creatives recognize the potential in every location, situation, and moment. All they need is the right technology to set them free.

Enter the next generation of Adobe Creative Cloud. As presented at MAX, the suite improves on software like Photoshop and Illustrator and provides brand new tools. Essentially, Creative Cloud frees your creative team.

Adobe Creative Cloud Essentials

The Creative Cloud suite includes all the industry standard tools you rely on, each with feature and performance enhancements.

Adobe Creative Cloud screenshot

Start with Photoshop CC. Improvements include better brush performance, enhanced tooltips, 360 panorama workflow, and variable fonts. Artists working in Illustrator can create up to 1,000 artboards, and they can animate their work. Adobe Stock includes access to USA Today sports images, accessible through an improved search function. Premiere Pro CC supports multiple simultaneous projects, and Spark supports custom branding.

Adobe’s been hinting at their interest in artificial intelligence for a while. In Creative Cloud, they’ve integrated Sensei, an AI platform designed to improve performance and workflow.

Next Generation Adobe Products

With Creative Cloud, Adobe is officially entering the world of application development. With Adobe XD CC, your creative team can design, prototype, and produce professional, fully featured cross-platform mobile applications.

Adobe Creative Cloud RenderingDimension CC, formerly Project Felix, is out of beta and ready to help your designers create high-quality photorealistic images. Your artists drag and drop 2D and 3D assets from Photoshop and Stock into Dimension CC, and the software matches lighting, shadows, and perspective. The result? Three-dimensional product shots, editorials, and fine art.

And then there’s Lightroom CC. Not to be confused with Lightroom (which is now called Lightroom Classic), Lightroom CC has a completely revamped UI. Now photographers can move images and settings across platforms and devices.

Mobility and Collaboration

Think back to that creative team trapped in their office. For decades, that was the norm—not because it was the best way for creatives to work, but because there was no other way.

Adobe Creative Cloud changes that. Now, all libraries, assets, and settings are available and shareable across devices—even across platforms. All your artists need to collect, create, share, and store their work is a WiFi connection. Adobe Creative Cloud helps creatives be … well, creative.

Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud

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