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Webinar Summary: Enable Secure Global Productivity with eSIM and LTE Advanced

Collaboration | Posted on December 18, 2017 by Arun Kirupananthan

Today’s workplaces are undergoing rapid technological change at the most fundamental level. Modern workspaces are no longer confined to desks, and employees no longer contribute only from dedicated workstations.

Your teams now use cloud-based platforms to work on projects whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Your employees frequently work away from their desks and outside your secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). They also use their personal devices to work on-the-go every day. A poll conducted during our webinar showed that up to 25% of employees work outside of corporate Wi-Fi networks.

This means your company’s frequent travelers work on slow, unprotected public networks. This not only hinders their efficiency and productivity but also poses a serious threat to your company’s data security.

Your easiest solution is to equip your teams with LTE-enabled devices that support embedded SIM (eSIM), like the new Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced. In our recent webinar, we show you how these new technologies will allow your teams to stay productive in any country on a secure high-speed connection.

Watch our exclusive webinar below:

Catapult Anytime, Anywhere Productivity 

With LTE Advanced, your teams will always stay connected everywhere in the world. They will enjoy their own private, secure Internet connection with download speeds of up to 450 Mbps. This will help them maintain a fast-paced workflow no matter where they are.

As a result, your team’s productivity will skyrocket on a global scale. They will never again have to search for public Wi-Fi connections in order to contribute. They will also never be interrupted by slow Internet speeds and spotty connections.

Your data’s security will also never be at risk. LTE Advanced will therefore singlehandedly modernize your entire workplace. It will provide worldwide mobility to your workers and will allow them to contribute securely to your business from outside the office.

Simplify IT Management with eSIM

eSIM technology is the latest breakthrough in SIM card connectivity. It integrates the LTE chip permanently into devices, with the eSIM being compliant or rewritable by operators around the world.

This will allow your IT team to switch carriers instantly with just a phone call. Your employees will also never have to change SIM cards during travel, thus simplifying device usage and increasing user productivity.

Best-In-Class LTE Device

The best LTE-enabled device that you can provide to your workers right now is the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced. A poll conducted during our webinar showed that a high majority of participants were interested in learning about this new device.

The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced has been custom-built by Microsoft to provide the best possible LTE experience. It features an all-new Microsoft-designed Cat 9 modem that can connect to 20 different LTE networks around the world. It also has seven invisible antennas that ensure that you always receive great signal strength, even in remote locations.

The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is also backwards and forwards compatible. This means it will automatically connect to a 3G network in the absence of 4G LTE. It is also 5G compatible for super-fast LTE connectivity.

Simplify Access via eSIM

The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is equipped with both an eSIM and a removable SIM tray. Its eSIM is installed directly on the system board. Your IT team can configure this device to connect to your preferred Internet provider with a single click. You can connect this device across multiple carriers without ever switching the SIM.

This device also features a removable SIM tray so you can insert your carrier’s SIM if they don’t support eSIM. It gives you complete freedom and control and will help you simplify employee access to high-speed Internet around the globe.

The Best of Microsoft 

The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced offers the best of Microsoft. It runs Windows 10 Professional and gives you access to a variety of professional-grade software and applications. This includes all of the Office applications you know and love.

It also gives you the speed of access with instant-on technology. This means the device only takes about 15 seconds to boot up and log you in, significantly reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

It simplifies management practices and protects company data with the latest Windows 10 features. This includes enterprise-grade security and Windows Hello, Microsoft’s dedicated facial recognition software. The device also runs advanced 3D creation tools with ease and allows you to stay productive all day with a long-lasting battery.

A Family that Excels 

The Microsoft Surface family offers you meticulously crafted, powerful devices custom-built for a variety of job roles. The Surface Pro is also available in non-LTE models packaged in an ultra-thin and light form factor. These models give you access to more powerful i7 processors with up to 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of solid state storage.

Surface Laptop

  • For users looking for a more traditional laptop experience, the Surface Laptop is a perfect choice. It features i7 processors, 1 TB of solid-state storage, and 16 GB of RAM. The 13.5-inch version weighs just 2.76 pounds and is only 14.5 mm thick, making it great for life on-the-go. It has 14.5 hours of battery life and has Dolby Audio Premium sound that comes directly from the keyboard.

Surface Book 2 

  • The Surface Book 2 features more power and larger displays than the Surface Pro. It is designed to run professional-grade software with the latest 8th generation of Intel processors. With 17 hours of all-day battery life, it powers you through the entire workday. It also adapts to the way you work with its versatile, detachable display modes and premium materials.

Microsoft Surface Studio 

  • This is Microsoft’s innovative solution for creators, inventors, and designers who want to work with massive, high-resolution touch displays. The Studio’s 28-inch HD PixelSense display effortlessly transforms from desktop to studio. It is designed to bring your creators’ ideas to life and is available in i5 and i7 configurations with up to 2 TB of storage and 30 GB of RAM.

Microsoft Surface Hub 

  • This device is all about collaboration. It is the perfect all-in-one device for conference rooms. It comes in two sizes – 55 and 84 inches. It features an immersive touchscreen display that can be used as a whiteboard or a traditional projection screen.

Your Exclusive Guide to Surface 

The Surface family has been tailor-made to meet the requirements of specific job roles. Its purpose-built devices will enable your users to achieve their true potential. They will also seamlessly modernize every aspect of your workplace.

To see how you too can implement Surface across your company, download our exclusive Surface Family Guide today. The Guide will give you detailed insight into all Surface devices, and will also reveal how to procure them for your company through special Softchoice and Microsoft incentives.

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