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Migrating from On Premise to the Cloud – The Right Way with Office 365

Collaboration | Posted on December 28, 2017

The prospect of migrating from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure is intimidating.

Sure, there are productivity gains to be realized as users can consume, create, and share data more easily, or collaborate with multiple users on almost any device from virtually anywhere.

Unleashing that productivity will be a catalyst in pushing more organizations to migrate from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure.

But it’s long been perceived that the migration journey is not for the faint of heart. There are plenty of horror stories, real or embellished. But the truth is, migration doesn’t have to be an excruciatingly painful or tedious endeavor. If you do your homework, put together a good plan, and follow up with post-migration checkups, migration can be a relatively painless and extremely productive step in your company’s growth.

Consider the Factors That Will Affect Your Migration

You need to prepare for every step of your migration. Learn as much as you can from available resources and talk to peers who’ve been through migration.You should also consider talking to vendors who can share their expertise.

It also means asking important questions:

Will you be doing a complete migration, or start with a hybrid environment? Does a more gradual roll-out seem like the right choice for your organization? While a gradual rollout may be more complex for IT staff, it can also provide a more seamless transition for your users.

Will you have new technical requirements? What aspects of your current environtment do you want to retain? What new tools and applications will best help your users? How do they adopt to new programs?

How will you introduce you Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) initiatives? Are you planning on end users with single sign-on (SSO) access?

These are just some of the issues and challenges that need to be considered before starting any migration.

Adoption Takes Patience

Remember that adoption is an ongoing process. You can set any “final” dates you’d like, but the reality is that it will take training and time to get everyone skilled and comfortable enough to work confidently within a new platform.

Pre-deployment training sessions are a must. Employee surveys can also reveal important data about how your users work. You can learn what applications they like, which ones they don’t, and why. Make it easy and comfortable for users to ask questions. By involving everyone as strategic to the success of the migration, even the most reluctant users will get on board.

Completion Is Just the Start

Successful migration should be a never-ending process. New applications will be developed and introduced. Licensing and user management procedures will continually evolve according to the needs of your business.

Migration is also an opportunity to gain actionable insights on usage and trends across your environment. This will help in optimization efforts as your enterprise grows and responds to the needs of both users and customers.

If your company is considering migrating to Microsoft Office 365, you should download the eBook, Finding Your Path to Migration. It explains tips for success, pitfalls to avoid, and takes you step by step through what’s required for a successful migration process.

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