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15 Minute Backup Windows; Need I say more? [CA]

Enterprise Software | Posted on February 29, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

You know its crunch time at work.  Everyone has got important deadlines to meet and important people to impress.  In the IT department, as always, you’ve invested your time making sure that your backup windows are completed quickly and efficiently every two hours.  You’re about to begin the next backup when your phone rings and on the other end is a frantic co-worker who has lost a presentation that needs to be ready in the next hour.  Unfortunately for your coworker all his/her work has been lost because you hadn’t started the next backup.  Unfortunately for you, you now have the job of informing your coworker that you’re unable to recover their data.  This is a terrible situation that is tough but, avoidable.

 Backup and recovery is an integral element of any business.  Your employee’s time is invaluable and the work that they invest themselves in should not be exposed to potential loss due to long backup windows.  And, as unstructured data continues to increase backup windows and data loss becomes a larger issue for businesses every year it’s necessary to assess how vulnerable you are.  Gartner estimates that the average company experiences 87 hours of unscheduled down time per year.  There is however, one company that’s fighting back decreasing backup windows to as little as 15 minutes!

 CA ARCserve Block-level I2 technology is able to decrease your exposure to data loss by performing backups in 15 minutes.  This is accomplished by tracking changes on a machine at the block level and then backing up only those changed blocks in an incremental fashion.  Performance levels like this prevent you from having to tell your coworkers that their work has been lost because we can’t perform backups often enough.

Block-level I2 technology is simple.  When a backup is initiated a full VSS snapshot is captured and then backs up only blocks that have been changed from the previous successful backup.  The data is not only captured but also created as a catalog containing all information related to the operating system, installed applications, configuration settings and necessary drivers (etc).  Then, when required, you can restore this backed-up image to recover your data or your entire machine!

This translates into:

  • Small backup windows (15 minutes!)
  • High performance
  • Small backup repository
  • Low server impact
  • Low network impact
  • Never having to tell your coworkers their work can’t be recovered
 Block-level I2 technology is a patented technology part of CA’s ARCserve D2D and until March 31st, 2012 you can save up to 20% off select ARC Serve D2D SKU’s.  To learn more click here

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