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3 ways you’ve been underestimating Box

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 19, 2015

The last few years have seen businesses bombarded with various cloud-based storage and sharing solutions. It’s come to a point where many free file sharing providers offer nearly-identical services – with little to no real differentiation between them.

What has been lost in this relentless pursuit of cloud-based collaboration is the universal accessibility, functionality and security required by organizations for large-scale adoption.

It just so happens that those are the core tenets of Box. In this article, we highlight three of the most surprising ways Box delivers as a true collaboration platform, beyond simple file sharing.

Whether you’re an IT Manager or an user needing a better solution, it’s worth examining the features that differentiate (and elevate) Box from the competition. Here’s three distinct areas where we believe Box excels:

1. Mobile Access

If you’ve ever tried to orchestrate group access to various file types over Google Drive or Dropbox, you’re well acquainted with the frustration that follows. Cloud storage is one thing; being able to reliably access those files (in whatever form they take) is another task entirely, and one that Box excels at.

Box allows you to preview documents in their native formats without any text issues, and it also seamlessly integrates with MDM solutions (such as MobileIron) so you and your team can access what you want, when you want, how you want. But providing a centralized storage space is only the foundation from which Box offers various collaboration solutions, from virtual boardroom to project management functionality.

The ability to share, access, and work with your files from any location makes Box a veritable one-stop-shop in the enterprise world.

Box User Management

2. Robust Security

Security isn’t a binary setting; different situations call for different levels of access and protection, and Box offers those in spades. From passwords, to expiry dates for certain links, to seven different levels of granular permissions, you’ll be in full control of every file you upload to Box, with permissions you can modify from any location.

The ability to modify access and security around files is of paramount importance to any enterprise client, making Box a versatile and valuable tool.

3. Seamless Integration

Access to your documents is rendered useless if the sharing solution you use can’t interface with your office infrastructure. That’s why Box offers support for both iOS and Office 365, saving your IT department valuable productivity hours that would have otherwise been spent finding workarounds and compatibility patches. The Box API platform is a solution that works when you need it to: immediately.

Integration capabilities don’t just end with your OS, though; Box can integrate with a wide variety of platforms, such as Salesforce, Jive, NetSuite, Google Apps, and SharePoint (to name a few). In fact, Box has specific tools to effortlessly integrate with your SharePoint environment using Box Cloud Connect — addressing a major pain point that many SharePoint users face.

No matter what platform or combination of services your organization is using, Box offers strong and flexible solutions.

Why Softchoice likes Box

Ultimately, we value the simplicity and utility of Box. Anything that makes end users happy, and IT Managers’ lives easier, is a winner in our book. There are few solutions that are as simple to use, install, and integrate as Box. It’s not just a wonder for back-end users; front-end clients will use it daily as well, thanks to a smart and intuitive interface. Simply put, Box does what it says it will do in every department, and that counts.

On top of that, Softchoice offers a personalized SaaS TechCheck Assessment with one of our Cloud Specialists to help your business understand and develop a strong SaaS strategy.

The next step

Convinced that Box is the solution for you? Contact Softchoice directly for more guidance, information, and support.

Still not sure? Watch our latest on-demand webinar, which covers Box security features, integration capabilities, and how Box enhances your Office 365 environment.

3 ways you've been underestimating Box

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