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Adobe Announces Creative Cloud 2015

Enterprise Software | Posted on June 16, 2015 by Mark Schuppisser

On June 15, 2015 Adobe announced the release of Creative Cloud 2015. This is the third major update to Creative Cloud since Adobe made its entrance to cloud-based subscription in December 2012. Here are some of the new features you can expect.

NEW Features in Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe has made significant performance enhancements with its Creative Cloud suite, with a special focus on enabling workforce mobility.

Creative users will enjoy a unified experience across desktop & mobile, with:

  •  New Adobe magic
  • Up to 10x faster performance
  • Connected mobile and desktop apps

You’ll also be able to access your creative assets from anywhere thanks to Adobe’s exclusive CreativeSync technology. This means being able to pick up where you left off in any app you launch.


IT or Procurement Managers will be just as pleased with Creative Cloud 2015, with updates to licensing and support. These include:

  • Member Choice
    – Select the duration of your introductory term
    – Select an anniversary date that aligns to your organizational needs
  • VIP Linked Membership
    – Manage licenses and anniversary dates separately
    – Achieve a higher discount level by aggregating your affiliated VIP accounts
  • Advanced 24/7 tech support

For those who have already made the move to Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll get these feature updates automatically.

Key Benefits of Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe Announces Creative Cloud 2015

What others are saying…

“…An administrator no longer needs to manually check each serial number to install the necessary programs on individual desktops, freeing up IT time to spend on more strategic activities”

“…With Creative Cloud for teams, we now can perform small jobs, such as video coding or image resizing, without having to rely on a specialized designer, code developer, or video producer.” Gabia, Case Study

Why Softchoice likes Creative Cloud 2015

Our favorite update to Creative Cloud 2015 is the incorporation of Acrobat DC, which was launched in April of this year. Highlights from this new product include the ability to convert paper documents into digital files. For example, I can take a photo of notes with my cell phone and convert it into an editable document.

The e-sign/Send for Signature feature is also a game changer, especially for sales teams. Using EchoSign technology, I can now send and track forms for signature. It’s worth noting that Echosign used to be a standalone product running at $400+ per license!

Acrobat DC also brings with it a more user friendly interface that is consistent across devices. This makes it even easier to make edits to presentations on the fly from any device, and overall boosts efficiency because I know where everything is.

Why you should make the move to Creative Cloud Now

As of March 2015, the Creative Cloud community has grown to nearly 4 million subscribers. Today, there is more pressure than ever for Creative Teams to stand out, develop impactful content, and stay relevant in a changing marketplace.

Creativity is essential … It’s no longer an elective; it’s the future because the world of work is changing quickly.” The ‘technological explosion’ in the way we communicate means we are faced with “making [ourselves] heard in an increasingly complex and noisy setting.” 

– Tracy Trowbridge, Group Manager Adobe EDU Programs

5 Important Reasons to Consider Creative Cloud

1. This is the new normal for software distribution from Adobe

Moving forward, the only way to buy Adobe software will be through Creative Cloud. That said, Adobe has decided that Acrobat, Lightroom and Elements will continue to be offered as stand-alone versions.

2. The economics of Creative Cloud work to your advantage

We’ve spoken at length previously about the pros and cons of Adobe subscriptions. While some see this as a way for Adobe to squeeze customers, many see it as a smart move and, frankly, a downright bargain. For instance, the list price for a year’s subscription of Creative Cloud’s team product is about $840 per user – $480 for the first year for old Creative Suite 3 and up users – and gives customers access to the entire suite of continuously updated apps.

The most apples-to-apples comparison would be between clients who’ve purchased Creative Suite Master Collection with active maintenance and renewed annually:

Adobe Announces Creative Cloud 2015

From an IT, procurement and accounting perspective, monthly subscriptions are a no-brainer – they make things a lot easier, more efficient and cheaper.

3. Subscriptions mean 100% compliance – and less risk

This isn’t just about renting software. With Adobe moving to a 100% subscription model for Creative Cloud, the implications for your software license management is significant. With Creative Cloud subscriptions, you also reduce the risk of software piracy within your organization

4. Collaboration in the cloud will change how your team works

Clearly, cloud integration will be enhanced between all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications, allowing designers to explore, create, publish and share work more easily than ever before. A cloud-based clipboard will make doing work on any device seamless, moving assets from one device to another with ease. Collaboration also gets a boost thanks to Adobe’s integration of Behance, a site that allows creatives to show off their work and solicit feedback.

Adobe acknowledges that this (and some other public cloud features) won’t be appropriate for government, education and other customers, so it’s creating SKUs and versions of Creative Cloud to meet their specific needs.

5. CS6 is no longer available for purchase
As of March 2015, CS6 is no longer available for purchase whether you are a commercial, government, or an education client. Adobe will continue to support and offer security updates and patches for now, but for how much longer is unclear.

If you have questions about this change, you can view the official Adobe CS6 policy change FAQ or contact your Softchoice Account Manager directly.

Move to Creative Cloud and Save

Adobe Creative products are available via the following buying programs:

Adobe Announces Creative Cloud 2015

As a Platinum Adobe partner, Softchoice has a team of dedicated internal specialists available to answer your questions and ensure you’re matched with the most cost effective licensing programs for your business.

Contact us

To schedule a call with one of our Adobe licensing experts, contact your Account Manager or email the Adobe Team. We’ll work with you to understand your existing Acrobat ownership, and then make cost-saving recommendations to simplify your licensing.

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