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Adobe MAX 2018: What’s New in Creative Cloud?

Enterprise Software | Posted on October 30, 2018 by Susana Byun

Three days. Hundreds of hours of talks and workshops. One massive keynote presentation.

The 2018 Adobe MAX conference resonated with one clear message: Adobe is re-imagining the process of creativity. The primary instrument of this “re-imagining” is Adobe Creative Cloud. Announcements at the annual event saw Adobe doubling-down on the infusion of AI and machine learning into its creative tools.

The goal? Helping creative professionals reduce the distance between inspiration and execution. The result? A substantive update to Adobe Creative Cloud that integrates AI and machine learning while teeing up opportunities on new screens and mediums.

In the article below, we cover the best of what’s new in Creative Cloud from Adobe MAX 2018.

Achieving Top Velocity

Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t wait. Yet, Adobe estimates 74% of creative professionals spend half their time on repetitive non-creative tasks. Adobe seeks to build greater speed, scale and collaboration into its cloud offerings. To this end, they announced AI integrations for many core Creative Cloud applications.

The push to help creatives get to work faster has also inspired Adobe’s Premiere Rush CC. The video editing app uses Adobe’s Sensei AI to speed up workflows for color, motion graphics and sound editing. It optimizes turnaround for social media publishing and cross-device syncing. It’s also integrated with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. This makes shooting, editing and publishing video content faster and simpler than ever.

Creativity Beyond the Desktop

Today, creatives want the quickest route from initial idea to finished work. To achieve this, they need access to familiar, professional-grade tools wherever inspiration strikes.

For this reason, Adobe made “multi-screen creation” another theme at this year’s conference. The first keynote announcement is Photoshop CC – rethought for the iPad. It shares a code base and has full feature parity with the desktop version. It also introduces cloud storage and syncing for .PSD files. Adobe says this innovation will bring true cross-device portability to Photoshop workflows.

Adobe Max 2018’s biggest multi-screen innovation is Project Gemini. This drawing and painting app uses Photoshop’s brush engines to provide an intuitive experience. It will let illustrators work in lifelike detail across touch- and gesture-enabled devices. It will also allow them to change screens without interrupting professional-grade workflows. Along with Photoshop CC, Project Gemini will arrive on iPad next year.

Ready for the “Next Big Thing”

“The power of creativity has never been more relevant.” CEO Shantanu Narayen anchored his Adobe MAX keynote on this notion. It’s true. Emerging technologies are re-engineering the ways creative professionals and audiences connect.

As such, setting the stage for new mediums was a prominent feature in this year’s Creative Cloud update. Adobe’s most exciting innovation in this area comes in the form of Project Aero. The project is an augmented reality (AR) authoring tool for creatives. It will allow designers to construct AR projects without the need to write code. Adobe also announced plans to integrate Aero with all its applications, making them “AR-aware.”

Creativity Plus Collaboration

Modern brands attract consumers through experiences, not products. To sustain a compelling customer experience at scale, businesses rely on their creatives.

Adobe’s new tools and features for creatives had top-billing at Adobe MAX 2018. But Adobe also unveiled key components of their plan to help businesses better connect. Core integrations between Creative and Experience Cloud products will make creating content faster. At the same time, better connectivity will improve collaboration on exceptional customer experiences.

Notable updates include an Adobe Stock integration with Experience Manager. This will provide marketers with enhanced search and licensing management for Stock assets. Adobe Dimension CC will pair with Experience Manager Assets to enable 3D modeling for high-quality content. Meanwhile, Adobe will make Advertising Cloud Creative available. This will allow marketers to sync and use Creative Cloud-generated assets within Adobe Advertising Cloud. The result will be streamlined collaboration between enterprise designers, marketers and business leaders.

But That’s Not All…

The 2018 edition of Adobe MAX has wrapped. Seventy-two-hours and 14,000 attendees later, one thing is clear: Adobe has some exciting plans for the Creative Cloud. The standout themes included content velocity, collaboration, creation and new mediums. But almost every Creative Cloud application also received new features or enhancements.

Other highlights include:

  • After Effects CC: a new JavaScript expressions engine and improved motion graphics templates.
  • Dimension CC: Enhanced Illustrator and Photoshop workflows, including a new native rendering engine to speed up content creation.
  • Animate CC: Auto Lip Sync and ability to open Animate CC projects in After Effects.
  • Illustrator CC: Simultaneous changes to multiple objects across artboards allowable through Global Edits.
  • Audition CC: 128 tracks of playback or 32 simultaneous record tracks now supported on suitable hardware.

View a full list of what is new here.

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