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Barracuda Networks: Making Business Disruption and Data Loss a Thing of the Past

Enterprise Software | Posted on September 19, 2016 by Tania Stadnik

This article is the third in a five-part series profiling companies leading the field in disruptive technology

Threats to organization’s data become more sophisticated and insidious with every year, forcing companies to look at security from different angles and more holistically. Many security professionals and companies feel it’s no longer enough to monitor and secure the network perimeter as they have in the past. At the same time, new models for IT delivery have not only changed what needs to be secured, but also how.

Barracuda Networks, a company with a decades-long history in security is embracing new IT models in a bid to provide a more comprehensive approach to data protection. The company, like similar security vendors, takes a comprehensive approach that encompasses the entire network, but which can be deployed in hardware, virtual, cloud or mixed-form environments.

This article is the third in a five-part series that will profile various companies leading the field in disruptive technology.

Covering all bases

One of Barracuda’s differentiators is the diversity in how its security solutions are offered, helping its solutions meet the needs of environments of  all shapes and sizes—from SMB to enterprise—by offering multiple form factors (appliance, virtual, SaaS and IaaS).

In today’s business and threat landscape, organizations must increasingly look at the bigger unified cyber-security picture. Security vendors like Barracuda are doing this by presenting a unified approach to security and networking that strives to leave no stone unturned (and no window of opportunity for attackers).  In other articles in this series we’ll look a few additional ways this is being done by other leading vendors.

Backup Everywhere

True to this approach of providing solutions for all and any environment, Barracuda has recently made improvements to its cloud-integrated Barracuda Backup in order to speed backup and recovery, enhance public cloud support and expand storage capacity. The improvements were developed with an eye on the major increase of ransomware attacks since a complete backup and retention system can help businesses recover from such threats without paying the attacker. Multi-streaming capabilities introduced in this latest version complement existing recovery options for physical-to-physical (P2P), physical-to-virtual (P2V) or virtual-to-virtual (V2V) scenarios.

Azure Integration

Across its network and endpoint security technologies, Barracuda works closely with Microsoft across its engineering, solutions architects, and sales teams to create a consistent customer experience regardless of whether the solution is on-premise, virtual or cloud security. Through this collaborative relationship businesses can use the company’s solutions—specifically Web Application Firewall, NextGen Firewall F-Series, Message Archiver and Email Security Gateway—when migrating applications into the Azure cloud. Their end goal? Cut deployment time by 50 to 80%, and reduce deployment bandwidth requirements by 90%. That helps to accelerate time to value—an important consideration business and IT leaders should evaluate when looking at security, in addition to the usual compliance and data protection.

Connect with Barracuda to learn how their extensive list of solutions is disrupting the IT environment, and stay tuned for part four in our series on disruptive technologies.

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