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Buried in big data? Why its time to evolve your archiving solution [Symantec]

Enterprise Software | Posted on March 22, 2012 by Andrea Malloni

Are you ready for the data explosion?

Symantec Enterprise Vault offers more control and protection of intellectual property and corporate assets.

Over the last four years alone, the digital universe has expanded by over 400% and is now somewhere around 1 zettabyte (1 trillion gigabytes – yes, trillion) in size. That includes emails, instant messages, Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries, files, the works – or, put it another way, the equivalent of a stack of books from the sun to Pluto and back again.

To keep up, organizations need a platform that can efficiently store and manage this exploding unstructured data and also find the needle in the haystack when users have to access specific information at any given moment. Not to mention, organizations are increasingly being ordered to produce email messages and other files relevant to electronic discovery – with severe penalties for not complying with a court’s discovery order.

In other words, organizations increasingly need to satisfy their business, legal and regulatory needs today as well into the future – in a way that doesn’t sap time and financial resources.

Symantec Enterprise Vault offers businesses such a platform, one that takes long-term control of intellectual property and corporate assets, offering optimally efficient management of SharePoint data, and effortlessly storing, managing and allowing for discovery of unstructured information.

Enterprise Vault does all this – reducing storage footprint and costs by up to 60% or more – by helping customers deduplicate information at the source, and protecting and organizing data in a single repository for better management.

Archiving and e-discovery are improved in a host of ways:

  • Email Archiving: Enterprise Vault frees users from mailbox quota frustrations while improving email server performance and reliability.
  • File Archiving: Enterprise Vault saves room and streamlines backup and recovery times by moving and deduplicating older, infrequently accessed files to a cheaper and centralized disk archive.
  • SharePoint Archiving: Enterprise Vault allows for easy archiving of SharePoint documents to reduce SQL storage costs, offloading data onto less expensive storage, while providing seamless end user access and retrieval of older information. Versioned documents are easily controlled with version pruning by storing only the latest one within SharePoint and other versions in the archive.
  • Electronic Discovery: Enterprise Vault enables organizations to comply with governance and industry regulations by retaining and deleting across archived information. Plus it proactively allows for immediate early case assessments, legal hold and review without manual, time-consuming collection processes – lowering the cost of data collection, preservation and expiry of email files and SharePoint.

The bottom line? Expertly addressing the changing nature of archiving in the age of unstructured data and e-discovery, Symantec Enterprise Vault provides a software-based intelligent archiving platform that stores, manages and facilitates the retrieval and discovery of corporate data. And it gives organizations the power to take long-term control of their intellectual property and corporate assets including those from emerging collaborative platforms.

Visit our microsite to download our free ebook and learn more about “The Evolution of Archiving”.

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