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Storage Magazine’s 2011 Backup Hardware Product Of The Year [Quantum]

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 1, 2012 by Emily A. Davidson

With the onset of virtualization and its increasing adoption, companies face the challenge of overhauling the infrastructure that supports their virtual environment. Amidst the chaos and change, have you thought about how this affects your data protection solution?

When it comes to data protection, the goal always remains the same: ensure backup and restore capabilities holistically for all server instances as well as a structure for individual recovery. Paired with a virtualization strategy, the challenge of virtualizing your existing environments shifts to the challenge of virtualizing your existing environments while keeping the interoperability of the disaster recovery solution you already have.

It doesn’t have to be complex if you stick to these bottom lines with vmPRO 4000, Storage Magazine’s backup hardware product of the year (2011).1. Third party integration

vmPRO 4000 integrates seamlessly into existing data protection deployments, enhancing the capabilities of third party backup solutions. Since data is offered up by a network share in real time, it can be used natively by applications like IBM Tivoli.

2. Ease of implementation

VM and file-level recovery makes implementation of file system visibility a cinch. The ease of third-party integration also allows for greater flexibility than any virtual-only backup solution can provide, enabling tape archiving and policies for both physical and virtual infrastructure.

3. Scalability

Quantum’s proprietary deduplication operates across the entire backup set, and, when combined with the space savings from vmPRO’s Progressive Optimization and changed block tracking, typically reduces disk capacity requirements by 90% or more. Organizations with large sets of VMs can also easily scale to 12 TB on demand.

4. End-to-end functionality

vmPRO 4000 also provides advanced end-to-end disk network I/O optimization, with inherit flexibility and scalability for SMBs to Enterprise deployments. The architecture of vmPRO allows for additional components to be added to the base configuration which translates into scalability and flexibility when integrating into specific deployments.

vmPRO 4000 offers everything you need for protecting your VM and is designed to provide high performance backup storage coupled with multi-stage storage optimization with proprietary variable block deduplication. With a fast and easy automated discovery of VMs, simple scheduling options and secure remote administration for multiple units and you’ve got yourself a consolidated protection platform for both physical and virtual servers.

To learn more, read the vmPRO4000 white paper or contact your Softchoice representative.


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