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Demystifying Adobe Licensing for Your Business

Enterprise Software | Posted on July 8, 2015 by Debbie Stephenson

If you are a commercial or government entity, there’s a good chance you’re currently using Adobe software within your organization. How confident are you that you’re on the right buying program, and getting the best price?

Not leveraging the right buying program has a financial impact (you could be missing out on cost saving opportunities), and carries the risk of non-compliance. While neither of these things are desirable from a business standpoint, navigating the complexities of Adobe’s Licensing Programs feels even less so.




It’s true – there are a lot of licensing options available from Adobe. That said, understanding each one isn’t your sole responsibility. Softchoice has a team of in-house Adobe experts dedicated to doing this for you.

We engaged the team’s help to breakdown each of Adobe’s Buying Programs, and which type of organization is best suited for each:  

Value Incentive Plan – VIP

Ideal for organizations that want flexibility in their software commitment, along with access to the latest apps, tools and services from Adobe.

  • Annual Subscription Licensing Model for Adobe Creative Products and Acrobat
  • Includes Administrative Portal for ease of license management and deployment
  • Access to new functionality or product upgrades as they become available (similar to Software Assurance/Upgrade plan)
  • Minimum order: 1

Enterprise Term License Agreement – ETLA

Ideal for organizations that manage large deployments of Adobe software.

  • An ETLA provides custom software licensing options and pricing for volume purchases, access to advanced customer support programs, and streamlined IT administration tools to package and deploy Adobe apps and services across the enterprise
  • Enter into a single, 3 year term-based contract with one annual payment, allowing you to predictably manage your budget
  • Simply deploy software tools and updates when and how you choose — to individuals or to specific groups within your organization
  • Enterprise-level support and training, access to 24×7 Enterprise Support, and unlimited* one-on-one Expert Services sessions

Cumulative Licensing Agreement – CLP

For organizations that want to enjoy significant savings on volume license purchases and extend discount levels globally to their affiliates and subsidiaries.

  • 2 year agreement – requires initial minimum purchase of 8,000 points (points are fairly equivalent to retail dollar amount of each product)
  • Ability to add upgrade plan (software assurance to most products)
  • Perpetual (purchase it and own the license) products available: Most Adobe desktop and server products outside of Creative Cloud products (Creative Cloud products are only available via subscription)
  • CLP membership is available worldwide to Commercial, Government and Education organizations and covers most Adobe desktop products

Transactional Licensing Agreement – TLP

Best suited for organizations that want administrative simplicity and a quick and easy one-time transaction

  • Designed for organizations that make small one off transactions
  • Ability to track purchase on the Adobe Licensing Web Site
  • Perpetual (purchase it and own the license)
  • Products available: Most Adobe desktop and server products outside of Creative (Creative products are only available via subscription)

If you have questions about any of these Adobe licensing options, Softchoice is here to help. Our Adobe Team know all the “ins-and-outs” of each program and will work with you to understand your current licensing needs, assess if you’re buying under the right program, and ensure all your licenses are up-to-date (as well as identifying future lapse dates).

Schedule a free consultation or contact your Account Manager today.

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