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eSentire: Surpassing technology to safeguard assets

Enterprise Software | Posted on September 15, 2016 by Tania Stadnik

This article is the fourth in a five-part series profiling companies leading the field in disruptive technology

A security system is only as strong as the weakest link — and often that’s employees. Time and again, studies have shown that even the smartest people are falling victim to phishing and social engineering attacks. Protecting against threats like this requires significant change – not just in terms of technology, but in leveraging employees as a critical component in your defense.

eSentire has spent 15 years disrupting the IT security sphere by providing simple, highly effective security services to protect client assets. For example, with its eSentire Training Day, the company is strengthening its first line of defense by delivering daily tips and best practices directly to employees in easy to consume three-minute chunks. Meanwhile, eSentire’s  analysts and expert advisers work behind the scenes to protect digital assets on a continuous basis with full-life cycle remediation and embedded incident response.

They’re also making security simpler: eSentire has reimagined traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and intrusion prevention (IPS) by extending their capabilities through a single service.


Small to mid-sized enterprises need fresh, new approaches to security: an innovative standard that can provide effective, real-time cyber threat detection. One that harnesses technology’s ability to identify odd or suspicious behavior, and then leverages a skilled cybersecurity analyst to investigate, make a decision and respond to these sophisticated cyber-attacks. These are the same type of attacks that many traditional security technologies simply can’t detect. Using a combination of threat intelligence, technology, and elite security analysts, eSentire delivers cyber security as a 24-7 operation, detecting and responding to threats that other technologies miss.

eSentire doesn’t just deliver a smarter cyber security technology to small and mid-sized enterprises; they absorb the complexity of security management with “white glove” treatment. Their elite security intelligence analysts live inside their technology, knowing where and what to look for when it comes to the latest cyber threats. Using highly sophisticated forensics tools—crafted and fine-tuned over 10 years—they’re able to hunt and respond to odd or suspicious behavior, and lock it down within seconds.

To overcome this challenge, security software company eSentire has begun to focus its attention on providing simplified security services to protect their clients’ assets, part of which is a new approach is educating and motivating company employees. This year the company launched a training solution dubbed eSentire Training Day. In just three to five minutes a day, the program promises to turn employees into “cyber-security ninjas.”

Meanwhile, the company closes the security loop from a software perspective by combining traditional security information and event management (SIEM) and intrusion prevention (IPS) into a single service. The simplicity gained by this integration aims to increase the ease in which threats can be managed and contained—helping to further deal with another major challenge in the “human sphere” of cyber security.


“My traditional layered security is enough.”

Many organizations leverage layers of automated, traditional security solutions; however, as cyber criminals become ever-more sophisticated, these solutions fail. This is because they can’t identify never-before-seen attacks. eSentire’s service closes those gaps and ensures that threats are detected and respond to, 24×7.

“Only large enterprises need that level of security.”

Mid-sized organizations are increasingly the target of sophisticated cyber-attacks. These firms now represent 62 per cent of all cyber security breaches, but most don’t have the skilled resources in-house to monitor, detect and respond to threats on a consistent basis.


Managed Detection and Response is eSentire’s single service incorporating both SIEM and IP, which leverages complex signatures and rules to automatically block threats in real-time. It also uses behavioral-based anomaly detection, log correlation, and full-packet capture to provide a richer data set used to confirm unknown threats. Most security technologies don’t include this level of detection and embedded response capabilities.

The time it takes to detect a breach that’s already occurred can be days, weeks, months or even years. Cyber attackers look for vulnerabilities and often lodge themselves in networks, poke around for data, spread out and then slowly begin data exfiltration, which can eventually lead to a large-scale breach. This technology effectively goes back in time and assess if a breach has occurred in the past, where other technologies can only see what’s happening on the network now! What could be more disruptive than network security time travel?[LC2]

Connect with eSentire to learn how their extensive list of solutions is disrupting the IT security industry.

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