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For IT in Healthcare, An Ounce of Protection is Worth a Pound of Cure [Trend Micro]

Enterprise Software | Posted on August 10, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

No matter what business you’re in, keeping confidential information from ending up in the wrong hands is critical. When you’re in the business of saving lives and improving health, that’s especially true when it comes to patient records.

In fact, with regulatory mandates like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and HITECH Act, hospitals now face significant penalties if they don’t implement strong and flexible data protection across their networks. That doesn’t just mean data protection on PCs in the hospital. It also means protection of portable data on potentially thousands of mobile endpoints, including tablets, smartphones and USB devices. Even one incident of data leakage can be disastrous – to the patient, and to the healthcare institution’s reputation.

Data encryption (PDF) is essential to mitigate risk, but implementing multiple data encryption point solutions to cover many different operating systems, users and devices can be a nightmare – they’re expensive to implement, time consuming, hard to administer and costly to manage and audit. Plus they can leave huge gaps in managing compliance and lack an audit trail verifying that data encryption was implemented on every endpoint and device.

The only alternative is finding a comprehensive data solution that’s easy to implement and administer, protects confidential data on any endpoint and ensures the productivity of healthcare employees. That’s been a challenge in its own right until the arrival of Endpoint Encryption (PDF) from Trend Micro.

Endpoint Encryption offers a simple and comprehensive solution that addresses encryption needs from one enterprise-class platform, allowing the management of both hardware and software encryption for entire hard drives, specific files, folders, removable media and storage devices.

With the flexibility to seamlessly transition between multiple forms of encryption, Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption helps ensure data continues to be protected no matter what device it’s on or accessed by. It offers:

  •  An advanced management console provides real-time reporting, the ability to recover lost data, update policies, deploy new devices and even reset or “kill” a lost or stolen device before it re-boots.
  • Authentication options that allow for simple username and password entry or more complex multi-factor authentication for added security.
  • The most stringent and up-to-date standards to ensure full compliance with the latest mandates, including HIPAA, HITECH Act, PCI, Basel II, FISMA, FCRA, and other state and regional regulations.
  • One integrated central management server that enables key management, policy management and comprehensive auditing and reporting across all devices and platforms, helping to lower the cost of endpoint encryption.

It’s impossible to be everywhere, all the time, monitoring every endpoint. But Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption acts as an organization’s eyes and ears, denying access to data from unauthorized devices, providing details reports to document incidents and ensuring continued healthy compliance and data protection.

Download the Truman Medical Centers Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption case study, and share your thoughts below about the challenges you face with protecting sensitive data.

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