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Put the right clown in jail with new IBM i2 analytics tools for investigators

Enterprise Software | Posted on September 21, 2016

Modern analytics tools help organizations spot crime and fraud before it happens – only if investigators are willing to use them. See how IBM analytics are helping fraud analysts and law enforcement to change the status quo and craft airtight cases against today’s criminals.

Visualization tools have been popular in law enforcement for many years.

Police officers have systems that provide real-time views of locations layered over crime, traffic, and geospatial data. These systems plot general crime spots within a metro area, as well as specific crime spots that can be viewed block-by-block. With these tools, analysts isolate developing trends, note hot spots and assist detectives in presenting cases that bring criminals to justice.

Unfortunately, new visualization tools have been slow to catch on among detectives and investigators.

It’s hard to let go of time-honored methods such as maps with pins, whiteboards, spreadsheets, report files and card systems. When senior investigators educate rookies on how to find the bad guys, traditional methods are the very tools they teach.

But, if traditional tools are augmented by 21st-century visualization technologies, the effectiveness of investigations can be heightened. Then, communication with the legal field is clarified and, in turn, the case against the bad guys becomes stronger.

Let’s take the example of preparing the prosecution for a major fraud case involving multiple victims and perpetrators.

The old way: lay out evidence across whiteboards and corkboards to draw lines between complex details of a case. Using this method, many detectives, and investigators struggle to explain the intricacies of their cases clearly when presenting these tools to judges and prosecution attorneys.

The new way: A simplified presentation is presented during the investigations and relaying graphically using a tool like IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook:

Caption: A video tour of Analyst’s Notebook data visualization software that can be presented to a judge and prosecution attorney

To achieve greater conviction rates, investigators must realize that modern analytics tools create stronger cases, that are easier to present.

As you can see, having an incredible breadth of information at your fingertips, instead of across white boards and cork boards, offers exponentially more intelligence and accuracy to an investigator.

How? While the analyst requires years of training to harness the IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook to take deep analytics dives, the actual investigator needs no such background. The only knowledge they need is the ability to import spreadsheets and other documents into the program along with their own innate policing skills.

This system can be invaluable to investigators without them having to learn how to be professional analysts.

Investigators only need to focus on the tools visualization capabilities in order to increase their effectiveness. And this doesn’t require years of training. If you want to see for yourself, watch our expert-led webinar on IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook below:

Visualization capabilities streamline the presentation of a labyrinth of criminal ties to make it clear to a supervisor, the prosecution, or the judge just how airtight a case is.

The incorporation of this system into the investigator’s toolkit opens many other doors as well. The arcane world of the analyst becomes more real to detectives if they are both using the i2 Analyst’s Notebook. While they may employ it in different ways, the sharing of a common platform establishes a stronger bridge between their worlds.

The more detectives use i2, the more they will understand the value of the analyst – and on the other side of the coin, the analyst will become more in tune with the realities of investigators seeking to hunt down criminals.

Put the right clown in jail: learn more about IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook

For more information on how to deliver actionable intelligence to help identify, predict and prevent criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities you can pre-register for Analyst’s Notebook training in November, or download this whitepaper for a more technical look at this product.

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