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Tivoli Storage Manager: Unified recovery management and advanced data protection [IBM]

Enterprise Software | Posted on March 30, 2012 by Jeff Kroth

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager helps protect data assets through a single point of control.

Increasingly stringent compliance demands. Growing complexity of storage infrastructures. Data growth at an unprecedented rate. IT staff budgets in a permafreeze. It’s all liable to give storage administrators more than their fair share of gray hairs, headaches and sleepless nights.

But it’s not all bad news. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager can help businesses manage and protect their data assets by delivering a single point of control and administration for most of their storage management needs. In fact, Tivoli Storage Manager delivers centralized, web-based administration and intelligent data move-and-store techniques to help ease storage management. The product scales from small to very large installations, and supports more than 50 operating system versions and hundreds of devices. It also facilitates a multitude of connections, including internet, WANs, LANs and SANs.

What are you doing to address data growth head on?

Addressing the relentless growth in data head on

Tivoli Storage Manager’s leading-edge data reduction features help IT manage data growth in a number of ways, including:

  • Progressive incremental backups with an incremental forever backup method that eliminates periodic full backups
  • Built-in data deduplication that can eliminate redundant files and subfiles. Source-side data deduplication reduces the amount of data sent from client systems to the Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  • Seamless integration with popular virtual tape library systems that employ in-line data deduplication retention of larger data sets

Increasing efficiency with a hierarchy of storage

In most storage management environments, managed data is trapped on the media to which it was backed up. Tivoli Storage Manager manages data stored in a hierarchy of lower-cost storage, which helps conserve resources as automated policies migrate data to the appropriate media type. Plus, it automatically manages the movement of data onto new storage technology when introduced into the hierarchy, allowing you to easily remove old systems from the data center.

More protection and recovery of virtual servers, plus robust functionality

Tivoli Storage Manager provides a range of options for protecting virtualized servers, with an agent that can be run from within the virtual machine to perform backups and restores just like with physical servers.

Plus, Tivoli Storage Manager provides superior functions for managing data without the need for DB2 administration skills. Other storage optimization features help reduce capacity requirements, speed installations, automate backups and recovery processes, and simplify custom report creation.

Faster recovery from disasters

Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition includes enhanced features to provide fast recovery from site-level disasters. Backup data and metadata can be replicated, on an incremental, scheduled, per-client basis from one Tivoli Storage Manager server to another. Replicated data can be further reduced with data deduplication and network bandwidth efficiencies can be gained by scheduling the replication for relatively quiet times.

Tivoli Storage Manager is part of an extensive family of products, working seamlessly together to help organizations efficiently and effectively manage IT resources, tasks and processes, to deliver flexible and responsive IT service management, and help reduce storage management and other costs.

To learn more about IBM Tivoli storage management solutions, speak with your Softchoice representative.


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