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How IBM is transforming AI through POWER9

Enterprise Software | Posted on November 29, 2018 by Susana Byun

It’s a fact of our digital age: today’s hyper-connected consumers want more personalization and relevancy with every brand interaction and more of them are willing to share personal information with brands they trust. Especially if it means that they’ll get better service, personalized offers, lower prices, or other benefits.

At the same time, users are growing more demanding and less forgiving of poor website and application performance and communications. According to a recent Apica survey of 2,250 consumers in the UK, US and Sweden:

• Over 80% would consider telling friends about a poor website/app experience
• Three-quarters of users expect sites and apps to perform faster than three years ago
• Nearly 40% of users won’t wait more than 10 seconds for a website to respond before navigating away

The result? Companies are on the hot seat to maintain high-functioning IT stacks that can deliver ever-higher performance and uptime, even while managing the kind of heavy workloads brought about by the computing demands of today’s always-on and always-connected world.

But today’s reality doesn’t match up. For many companies, their existing IT infrastructures simply can’t handle such data-heavy workloads. The trouble is, it’s only getting worse. The amount of data created by digital interactions continues to skyrocket, quadrupling between 2014 and 2017, to over eight exabytes every month (or the equivalent of 3,000GB every second!).

No wonder more and more organizations are choosing to trade in their aging systems and costly third-party modeling solutions for modern, agile solutions that are better designed to support today’s growing data requirements and the need for split-second decision-making support.

More data increases the importance of data protection too

As data stores continue to grow and become more complex and pervasive, it also becomes a compelling target for cybercriminals looking for an opportunity to infiltrate your customers’ sensitive information. According to a recent study by Dentsu Aegis Network, that’s currently the biggest worry of senior-level marketers and CMOs worldwide.

So how can forward-thinking IT professionals stay on the leading edge of technology while also protecting their most important business assets (i.e., their clients) from cybersecurity threats?

New architectures – with far greater processing power – have emerged

In today’s intense global marketplace, business leaders are searching for an edge that keeps them ahead of the competition. Many are finding them in new processing platforms such as IBM POWER9 that not only power today’s modern, agile infrastructures, but give them an advantage on customer experience as well.

In addition to pure processing power, these new platforms also deliver the capabilities needed to support today’s data-rich and workload-intensive workloads and applications, from big data analysis and machine learning, to AI and other emerging technical methodologies.

These new architectures are cloud-ready, highly secure and future-proof, ideal for companies wanting to modernize their data centers. Common scenarios include using advanced computing methodologies, planning a major tech overhaul, or simply looking to gain better performance and security from their IT stack.

See for yourself how successful companies are transforming their data-driven business into real-time initiatives that influence consumer interactions and transactions. Visit our resource center and download our new whitepaper, “Transform Your Data-Driven Business: Drive Performance, Power and Security with Future-Ready IT.”

Interested in learning how AI can help you develop smarter business processes? Explore the resources in our IBM AI hub to get the full story on how practical AI is for your organization.

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