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Driving workplace transformation through the power of collaboration

Enterprise Software | Posted on October 26, 2015 by Debbie Stephenson

As technology continues to transform the modern workplace, organizations are looking at all the ways they can leverage that transformation into tangible savings. Softchoice strategic partner Intel realized that one way to do this in its own organization was to enable and encourage ever-greater collaboration.

Simply by working together more effectively, Intel found that it could make better use of time, derive more value from its knowledge resources, and reduce costs. What’s more, you could likely apply the same processes in your own organization.

Much is written about the more high-profile benefits of workplace transformation: immediate performance gains, energy savings, increased manageability and security, and so forth. But, what Intel recognized is that the role of collaboration is increasingly significant, being driven by business imperatives such as the need to integrate complex intellectual property from highly distributed teams while increasing velocity and decreasing costs. As a result, the company developed a collaboration architecture that integrates a portfolio of tools with business-specific processes and applications. This integration focuses less on individual tools and capabilities than on providing a holistic collaboration experience aligned to business processes and the way people work.

Intel Collaboration Tools

To determine how it could do a better job of promoting collaboration, Intel surveyed its employees, who identified certain barriers: locating the right people and resources, coordination across time zones, and a general difficulty moving forward with good ideas in a timely fashion.

To overcome those barriers, Intel envisioned a solution that cleared a path to a more collaborative culture. To provide an integrated portfolio of collaboration tools, Intel focused its solution on three areas:

  • Access to information and experts – Connecting teams with knowledgeable people and relevant information easily, through online tools, easily searchable reference libraries, and dynamic content delivery resources.
  • Asynchronous collaboration – Creating digital “anytime” workspaces where teams could collaborate across time zones and distance, or even call on crowdsourcing capabilities to draw on company-wide expertise to solicit ideas and insights.
  • Real-time collaboration – Transitioning meetings away from traditional telephony and bridges to integrated voice/video/data conferencing, resulting in substantial cost reductions.

Central to those solutions is Intel® architecture, delivering enhanced employee productivity, more effective meetings, better communications, and greater collaboration. Its elements include servers for audio/video routing, social media, analytics, email, calendars and other applications; and a range of end-user systems – desktop PCs, Ultrabook devices, laptops, tablets and 2 in 1s – for an immersive computing experience.

A key factor was the use of voice over IP technologies to replace traditional proprietary telephony, increasing efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership for meeting capabilities. As a result, Intel saved $15.5 million in its first year of replacing desk phones for 30,000 employees, and $1 million in subsequent years. Additionally, the company saved $4.3 million by replacing its bridge system, and integrating the experience with video and data sharing.

Other benefits of Intel’s collaboration architecture included faster time to market and issue resolution, increased numbers of participants and contributors, improved content delivery to sales and customers, and improved business relationships and trust.

Put collaboration to work for you

Softchoice and Intel can help you derive your own tangible benefits from an integrated collaboration solution that enriches the end-to-end experience for workers who want to use their workspaces and devices to create solutions more effectively.

  • Learn more about integrated collaboration for the enterprise in this Intel white paper.
  • Track the progress of workplace transformation over the last 15 years in this blog post.
  • Watch Intel’s Stuart Dommett discuss collaboration technologies in this video

Talk to a Softchoice solution architect about setting a collaboration-friendly infrastructure in place as part of your workplace transformation – one that can enhance productivity, speed time to market and, yes, realize real bottom-line savings.

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