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IT Troubleshooting is Much Easier with Mereki Insight

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 30, 2018 by Chris Martin

Most IT professionals have heard of Meraki. Its elegance, flexibility, and scalability have attracted over 250,000 customers who have 3.5 million active Meraki devices. But fewer know about Meraki Insight, for the MX Firewall platform. It’s a tool that takes the ease of Meraki to troubleshooting in an intuitive and highly available fashion. It brings a new level of control to your Wide Area Network (WAN).

Insight alleviates one of the key pain points in IT—the diagnosis. We’re all familiar with the following scenario: you receive a call about poor network performance that’s affecting the team’s ability to get their work done. In an ideal world, the problem would be known. In the real world, this is only the beginning of a long day as you start at the top of a long list of potential culprits. Are you looking at a hardware issue? Is something wrong with the specific application that the user relies on? Is the user doing something incorrectly? Diagnosis by trial and error is time-consuming and takes perseverance. You may even need to seek vendor support or help from community boards to solve the issue. 

The compounded difficulties consume valuable time. You’d like to work on high-level goals that support your organization’s priorities. But you’re stuck with daily maintenance. This is an all-too-common issue: research by Gartner has shown that 70% of the average IT team’s time is spent on short-term problem-solving.

Meraki Insight can turn this kind of scenario around. 

Mereki Inisight DashboardAn Insightful Solution

Fundamentally, Meraki uses visibility to transform troubleshooting. It combines many tools with one simple dashboard. That allows you to quickly zero in on the exact nature of a given issue.

The core of Insight is deep packet inspection, conducted with a robust cloud-based architecture. With this, at a moment’s notice, administrators can get performance issue on any relevant element of the network, whether it’s a web application, WAN traffic, LAN attributes, or servers. Information from the network or application level is always retrievable.

Quick Problem Solving Saves Retailer

This is how a major European retailer recently got through an intense system breakdown during the height of the holiday shopping season. Their IT department received reports that three stores couldn’t process credit card payments. Customers were taking their business elsewhere because the cashiers couldn’t accept their money. Staff suspected that the problem was an unreliable credit card server. But Insight told them something different. Using Insight, they determined that the blame actually lay with a local ISP. With that information, the crisis was resolved in thirty minutes. Insight is now online at all of their stores.

Mereki Collector

Meraki Insight requires a collector to gather the data it uses

And Insight isn’t just useful in crisis situations. Through a central dashboard, information about application performance is constantly available. So, when a key app starts to suffer, for whatever reason, you can get on the problem immediately. You don’t have to wait for someone to call you and complain. This allows for constant improvement before apps break. That’s how it should be. Preventative solutions are better than reactive solutions. After all, the best IT service is the kind that happens behind the scenes.

If any one thing makes Insight special, it’s this integration. Different levels of detail exist in a single interface. Rather than using one solution for packet inspection, and another for gauging performance, you have everything in front of you all the time.

The Bigger Picture

Easier troubleshooting doesnt just improve the lives of IT staff. It has consequences for the entire organization. Better problem detection means fewer outages. That leads to lower operational costs and a better experience both at the staff and end-user level.  

Most importantly, when IT staff shifts to optimization, rather than putting out fires, they can spend time working on more important things. Like the fact that your business might be among the 60% of organizations whose networks contain end-of-support devices that need replacing. Or that your security solutions might not be up to scratch, leaving you vulnerable to malware or ransomware. When you’re less occupied by the daily IT grind, these are the levels you can work on.

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