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Mind The Data Protection Gap [Symantec]

Enterprise Software | Posted on April 16, 2012 by Lesley Morris

It’s time to take backup of virtual environments seriously.

While virtualization makes almost everything easier in the data center, one area that’s fallen behind is backup. In fact, in 2011, Symantec identified customers taking shortcuts to protecting information in physical and virtual environments, as if virtual systems were less important and companies were willing to lose them.

That could mean some major failures in data center recovery in the months and years ahead, if something doesn’t change.

Here are some simple steps organizations can take to centralize backup and recovery of physical and virtual server environments:

  1. Unify physical and virtual – A common software platform enables organizations to centrally schedule backup jobs, manage, recoveries, monitor the success of  jobs and provide a common console that backup administrators can use.
  2. Leverage the backup team to protect VMs – Engage existing storage and backup teams to support your goals. In doing so, the goal of 50 percent or more of virtualization can be achieved faster.
  3. Implement automated and centralized monitoring and reporting – Virtual machines can now be created so quickly and automatically that the backup or VM admin might not even know, so organizations should have centralized backup software to keep up.
  4. Choose deep API integration – Integration with leading server platform features like the vStorage API in VMware vSphere are a prerequisite for successfully protecting and recovering these platforms.
  5. Dedupe everywhere – De-duplicating just VM backup data helps reduce data stores but doing so with all  data across all jobs from both physical and virtual machines can result in even higher storage savings.
  6. Get granular – Those who get granular recovery right when it comes to integration with VMware and Hyper-V can recover the single file they want, when they want, without the VM or backup administrator being forced to traverse the directories and files.

By implementing a data protection strategy that provides improved virtualization visibility, and setting up the right processes, organizations not only realize the initial benefits that server virtualization delivers, but successfully avoid some of the challenges too.

Symantec’s recently unveiled Backup Exec™ 2012 V-Ray Edition includes functionality that fills the growing data protection gap, including a major new feature that backs up both virtualized and physical environments. With across-the-board, host-level protection for VMware ESX® and vSphere™ and Hyper-V, it’s the only backup and recovery solution you need to protect fully or primarily virtualized environments.

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