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New Pricing Options Make AutoCAD 2016 More Affordable

Enterprise Software | Posted on April 13, 2015

Today, leasing vehicles is a fairly common practice for businesses. Beyond getting a shiny new car or truck every few years, it also means they avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars upfront, containing costs to a manageable monthly fee.

The same thing is happening with software. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows companies to apply a similar model buying software – no more hefty upfront costs for the application, or support contracts. Autodesk has been offering this alternative for about a year and has just expanded its range of benefits, including a multi-year desktop subscription option.

Autodesk Licensing Changes are Coming

The addition of a multi-year desktop subscription is a prelude for bigger licensing changes set to kick in next year. As of January 31, 2016, Autodesk software will only be available through subscription. The following video provides a succinct overview of these changes, and how to prepare.

New Licensing Options Available Now

To encourage users to embrace its new SaaS model, Autodesk has added a multi-year desktop subscription licensing option. This pricing option makes it even more affordable for organizations to keep using the latest version of their favorite Autodesk software, such as AutoCAD.

Licensing History

AutoCAD was traditionally sold using a perpetual licensing model. Clients paid an upfront fee of several thousand dollars per license to own the software outright. On top of that, they could purchase maintenance or upgrades for two or three year terms in order to keep their software current and well maintained, thus adding to upfront costs. While this model worked well for many, some sought a false economy by postponing upgrades and holding onto outdated software for years. While they saved a little money in the short term, they lost out on the many benefits available from new AutoCAD versions.

Things changed last year when Autodesk introduced Term Licenses. This gave organizations the ability to purchase a subscription on a quarterly or annual basis and only pay for what they needed. The immediate value of this resonated with clients. They appreciated the fact that it represented lower upfront costs, while ensuring they gained access to the very latest version of the software.

Term Licenses are particularly suitable for companies with fluctuating AutoCAD needs. For example, an engineering firm with a new client could gain access to the software for the duration of that project. Similarly, a license can be activated or reactivated when employing temporary contractors while the contracts are active.

Due to the success of this type of licensing, Autodesk has now extended its subscription offering. With AutoCAD 2016, you can purchase a multi-year desktop subscription for a two or three-year term with the lowest costs available the longer the period purchased.

Benefits to licensees include access to the latest AutoCAD technology, a locked-in price for the length of the contract, and the flexibility to access AutoCAD at home, remotely or in the office, and from any device. Additionally, this new licensing option comes with expert 1-on-1 online support, and free webinar training. It also means the ability to utilize AutoCAD 2016’s latest features, such as a bright new visual experience, smart dimensioning and enhanced PDFs.

Our Autodesk Specialist, Don Goddard, is available to answer any questions you may have about AutoCAD 2016. He will walk you through the various licensing options, the pros & cons of each, and recommend the pricing model that best suits your usage patterns and business needs. Connect with Don by email.

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