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Preventing a Data and Business Disaster When Catastrophe Strikes [Novell]

Enterprise Software | Posted on April 20, 2012 by Andrea Malloni

In this Softchoice exclusive blog post, Softchoice’s Novell/NetIQ Vendor Sales Specialist Judson Samet speaks with NetIQ Partner Executive Jeffrey Confarotta about the havoc that Mother Nature can cause on IT environments, companies and their critical data resources and how companies can protect their IT investment and get back to business quickly. Read the full interview to find out more about why Tape Backup is an unreliable and slow-recovery solution that could cost you your data and possibly your entire business when natural disaster strikes.

Hey Judson it’s great to be with you today. It’s April and again we are reading about Mother Nature destroying entire towns and cities. It seems like the last few years we have seen hurricanes, blinding snow storms, floods and a crazy number of tornado’s. This takes a huge toll on humans but it also takes an economic toll on businesses. Entire companies are disappearing, costing a number of jobs.

Hi Jeff, this is a hot topic. Some of the businesses that were destroyed may never come back to life. Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive with over 1800 people dead and an estimated property damage total at $81 billion. 7 years later, we still have not fully recovered. Not to mention some of the recent Tornados in the South and Midwest and major power outages. (many businesses continued to suffer and some were at a total loss) We can’t plan or prevent these types of disasters. However Jeff, there are some things that we CAN do to protect and prevent what we have worked so hard and to build.

Some studies state that companies that have a significant network failure for more than 24 hours end up out of business within 6 months. I am actually surprised at the number of customers that utilize tape backup. I realize that tape is cheap but customers don’t have the ability to test their systems, and the ability to execute a restore can be very challenging. I know there are other strategies that could be used such as purchasing a full clusters or even utilizing the cloud for disaster recovery. What are your thoughts on some of these solutions?

I am with you there Jeff, It’s hard to believe that some customers would choose to utilize a technology that is 40 years old when there are so many better solutions. The numbers are surprising, and did you know according to Gartner, 77% of customers with tape backups tested those backup’s and had them fail. In addition,  140K hard drives fail every week! This isn’t just about losing data or short term loss of access to email, it’s not even about losing a few orders. This is a much more  serious issue. Thinking back to some of those recent natural disasters 60% of companies that are down for 10 days will be bankrupt in 6 months, and 90% will be history in less than two years. This is pretty scary for business owners and executives especially ones that are running tape backup.

This is a real conundrum for customers. Every system seems to have an issue; cost, privacy or ability to execute. Are there other tools customers can utilize that might help them?

Customers no longer have to sacrifice performance and are able to reduce risk through a simplified disaster recovery tool called PlateSpin Forge and PlateSpin Protect. With NetIQ PlateSpin technology customers are able to create multiple recovery points. It features fail over preparation, it’s easy to test with a touch of a button, and the best part is the set-up. Its plug and play, so all customers need to do is take it out of the box and plug it in.

PlateSpin technology, in conjunction with virtualization, allows customers to mirror their environment in the cheapest and most flexible way possible.

I think some of these new tools could really help customers. Some of them are appliances that are really easy to install, test, and execute a recovery. What is the difference between something like PlateSpin Forge and PlateSpin Protect? What are the draw backs to these systems?

PlateSpin Forge is an out-of-box disaster recovery hardware appliance that protects both physical and virtual workloads using embedded virtualization technology.

PlateSpin Protect empowers enterprises to protect both physical and virtual server workloads by leveraging the cost efficiency and management flexibility of virtualization. Previously customers were faced with the choice between costly, high-performance protection from duplicate infrastructure-based solutions, or poor performance data backup.

With PlateSpin Forge & Protect customers can now bring higher performance disaster recovery to their non-mission-critical server workloads, without the high cost of extra infrastructure. To wrap it all together, this is the perfect solution for customers looking for a cost-effective, high-performance disaster recovery solution for their windows or Linux workloads. It’s also right for customers who have experienced downtime soft costs or data losses, where restoration costs outweigh the price of an appliance-based disaster solution.

Want to find out more about moving from Tape to a more dynamic backup solution with Platespin Forge & Protect? Contact a Softchoice representative today to get the conversation started.


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