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Security In A New Mobile World [Trend Micro]

Enterprise Software | Posted on August 10, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

In case you missed it, Smartphones and other mobile devices overtook traditional PCs in sales back in 2010. How did this happen?

There are a whole host of factors at play. Foremost among them has been consumerization, which gives consumers access to powerful computers and high-speed internet at home. Responding to increased expectations at work, employers began embracing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and allowing consumer mobile devices – like smartphones, tablets, non-PC laptops and netbooks – into the office. Employees, for their part, started using those devices to access their organization’s corporate networks and cloud service platforms, which helped them become more responsive and productive at home, on the road and in the office.

And everyone lived happily ever after. Well, not quite.

While mobility is proving to have a positive effect on employee productivity, it also presents IT departments with lots of headaches around control and security of mobile devices and their access to sensitive corporate data. Just a few questions and concerns keeping CIOs and IT managers up at night:

  • How does IT support these devices if they don’t know what they are?
  • How can IT truly secure its networks and data if it can’t control the devices?
  • How does IT differentiate between corporate and private personal data on employee-owned devices that access the network?
  • And, how can all this be done while continuing to make the user’s experience smooth and easy to maximize motivation and productivity?

Broadly speaking, the answers to these questions can be found in a strategy that puts in place data protection solutions in critical systems and hardy mobile device management (MDM) solutions that minimize incidents of data loss or leakages. For instance, should a user lose an improperly secured mobile device that has access to or contains sensitive corporate information, established data protection solutions can immediately kick in to safeguard an organization’s main data storage.

Trend Micro Mobile Security provides one of the industry’s leading integrated solutions for enterprises and medium-sized businesses looking to embrace consumerization without compromising IT infrastructure. Bringing together threat prevention, data protection and a single point of control, Mobile Security extends protection beyond PCs to protect a wide range of mobile devices, like iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices. And it allows businesses to regain security and control, while still offering staff the freedom to securely share data across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

For more information about managing security in the new mobile world, download the TrendLabs Cloud Security Primer Embracing BYOD.

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