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Software, hardware and storage team up for backup. [Quantum]

Enterprise Software | Posted on November 11, 2011 by Melissa Alvares

Quantum vmPRO 4000 offers up a complete solution that’s simple, advanced and affordable.

Virtual machines have become central to the functioning of more and more IT environments. But as virtualization has grown in popularity, backups have become more of a headache:

  • ISV backup software development has fallen behind
  • Reliance on agents is making backing up a time killer for resource-stretched IT departments
  • Overprovisioning is slowing down backups to a snail’s pace
  • Recovery times are getting longer
  • Disaster recovery of important data is at risk
  • Remote office backups are being neglected

Fortunately, some backup developers have been working on overcoming these challenges. That’s where Quantum’s new turnkey vmPRO 4000 offering comes in. It’s the first of its kind – an all-in-one system built on an innovative combination of technologies specifically designed to provide faster and more effective VM protection in data centers or remote offices. vmPRO 4000 uniquely combines software, hardware and storage into a single appliance, eliminating the need for individual agents or separate physical servers.

The vmPRO 4000 is a combination of Quantum’s vmPRO software with a DXi de-deduplication target appliance. The software enables easy backup and movement of VMs from their primary storage to a target de-dup appliance, protecting data with distributed features like centralized management and easy deployment without buying and deploying costly backup solutions. vmPRO 4000 enhances the software by providing local deduplicated storage and replication back to a central data center, reducing local storage size for recent data and network bandwidth by upwards of 90% for replication.

In fact, the combined solution has led to results far more powerful than with any backup software or dedupe appliance on the market, including:

  1. Easy integration. No changes, compliance processes or policies are needed for existing environments. vmPRO 4000 integrates easily, extending and optimizing existing VMware without having to rip and replace – unless that’s what you’re looking to do.
  2. Single agentless view of all storage across all VMs. The vmPRO software runs on a virtual appliance on the ESX server where it sees all the VMs directly, reducing management complexity and the performance overhead of having an agent on every VM.
  3. Faster backups. By making your dedupe technology more efficient, storage requirements are reduced, costs are lowered, and recovery and replication of VMs are accelerated.
  4. Improved RTO. The days of slow tape or data backups are gone. With image level backups, vmPRO 4000 reduces time to copy, move or replicate operation systems, applications and data on VMs from hours to minutes. The backup copies are in native file-system view so users can reboot the entire VM quickly, or access any file inside the VM directly.
  5. Reliable disaster recovery. vmPRO 4000 includes deduplication for long term retention of data on disk and integrated replication capability for automated DR protection.
  6. Connected remote offices. Systems are optimized so that remote offices stay connected, retaining months of data.

All told, vmPRO 4000 is a complete all-in-one data protection solution that combines turnkey simplicity with advanced VM protection technology, addressing some of the most common virtual storage backup challenges facing IT today.

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