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Finally an analytics solution as simple, easy, and flexible as a rubber band [IBM]

Enterprise Software | Posted on March 22, 2012 by Andrea Malloni


Inundated by the variety, velocity and volume of data?

Now your small or midsized business has an all-in-one solution to help you rise above it.

Emails, webpages, documents, multimedia and now social media – organizations are struggling to maintain, manage and mine all that data. And it’s only going to get more challenging. In fact, by 2020, the total volume of content will be 44 times what it was just three years ago. It’s no wonder that 1 in 3 business leaders say they often make decisions based on information they don’t trust or don’t have, and 1 in 2 say they don’t have access to the information they need in the first place.

All this data overload is a big reason why analytics have become essential to helping businesses access the information they need to run day to day, and compete and plan strategically for future opportunities.

A compact, comprehensive solution offering simplicity and value.

Analytics is really nothing new – organizations have been putting pen to paper and crunching numbers forever – but now a comprehensive data warehousing and business analytics solution for the SMB and mid-market space has emerged that empowers them with deeper insights into where to focus their time and resources for the greatest return on investment.

IBM Smart Analytics System 5710 can process the information businesses need and provide a consumable, easy-to-understand report – fast. While it may take months to calculate the profitability of each store location by hand, with the IBM Smart Analytics System, it can take mere seconds.

The IBM Smart Analytics System can help your business work smarter by:

  1. Having the knowledge you need now: Delivers insightful information in context so decision makers like you have the right information, where, when and how you need it.
  2. Making better, faster decisions: Provides decision makers throughout the organization with the interactive, self-service environment needed for exploration and analysis.
  3. Optimizing business performance: Enables decision makers to easily measure and monitor financial and operational business performance, analyze results, predict outcomes and plan for better business results.
  4. Uncover new business opportunities: Delivers new insights that help the organization maximize customer and product profitability, minimize customer churn, detect fraud and increase campaign effectiveness.

Days (not months) to implement. A variety of sizes. All in one.

The IBM Smart Analytics System is an all-in-one solution that provides all the capabilities of an enterprise solution for small businesses or departments in a single box and at an affordable entry price. No need to waste consumer resources building your own analytics solution. No need hunting down sizing expertise to choose the correct hardware or assembling and integrating the right software components.

Built on a rock solid foundation of previous generations of products, the IBM Smart Analytics System is a complete, ready-to-use, high-performance package available in three sizes based on the amount of data needed. It even includes Cognos Business Intelligence for reporting and analytics.  

The bottom line? If you’re a leader of a growing organization with growing data challenges who would rather be devoting time creating reports, analyzing information and running a business – instead of assembling hardware, installing software and drowning in a sea of unstructured data – IBM Smart Analytics System 5710 could be your ideal end-to-end analytics solution.

 Visit our microsite to download our free ebook on the Rise of Big Data and view our Softchoice exclusive whiteboard video on the 5710.



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