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The 3 Biggest Threats to Digital Security In the Years Ahead [Sophos]

Enterprise Software | Posted on July 23, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

Defending against cyber-attacks from every direction demands a solid line of defense.

As the availability of commercial tools makes launching cyber-attacks easier than ever, cyber-criminals are getting bolder. The result, of course, is that protecting your organization’s endpoints, data, email, web, servers and mobile devices is becoming a lot more complicated.

Three big areas pose the greatest threats to security – and the greatest opportunities – in the years ahead:

  1. Oh, what a tangled web we weave: The World Wide Web continues to be the dominant source of distribution for malware – in particular, anywhere on the web that’s viewed as a weak spot. Social media platforms and similar web apps, for instance, have increasingly gained popularity with attackers. Spam email is still popular too, but less popular as organizations deploy more effective gateway protection.
  2. Movin’ on mobility: The veritable explosion in consumer smartphones and tablets into the workplace is causing some security challenges for many organizations, to say the least. IT is increasingly being asked to connect devices to corporate networks and secure data on these devices, which they often have little control over – or certainly less than they used to. And the security requirements, where they do exist, are complex, including use policies, data encryption, access, content filtering and malware protection.
  3. Up in the clouds: Cloud computing is significantly improving the delivery of software applications to users and improving the effectiveness of security solutions – from data protection to web, endpoint and mobile security. But it also introduces new issues of security and privacy for data wherever it happens to be.

As the way we communicate and share data continues to evolve, staying on top of how we protect that data – and one step ahead of cybercriminals – is vitally important. So is finding a complete security solution that protects your entire organization, including your network and servers as well as endpoints and mobile devices.

The security included in the Sophos Complete Security Suite works together to deliver better protection, greater visibility and ease of use:

  • Endpoint protection blocks malware threats without interfering with productivity or device performance.
  • Web protection combines the best of gateway, endpoint and cloud security, whether you’re on the network or off.
  • Encryption protects your confidential data fast, stopping data breaches and letting users securely access, share and store data.
  • Mobile control allows you to give mobile workers all the apps they need while enforcing a security policy for smartphones and tablets.
  • Email encryption keeps confidential information from leaking out, spam blockers stop unwanted email from getting in.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam for Microsoft Exchange servers bolsters your secure email gateway.

To learn more about a complete security solution that can easily and effectively protect your organization, visit the Softchoice Sophos Store.

How are you meeting the challenge of security in this age of online threats? Let us know by adding a comment below!

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