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The Fad That’s Become The Unstoppable Force [Citrix, Cisco]

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 27, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

How BYO programs and desktop virtualization are helping IT fearlessly get ahead of the consumerization trend.

Consider these recent statistics:

  • In the last year, sales of smartphones and tablets exceeded those of PCs for the first time. By 2013, they will be more than double
  • 52% of employees now work 1 to 2 days a week outside the office. Nearly 80% work out of the office at least at some point during the week
  • 1/3 of employees are using unsanctioned apps on their corporate PCs
  • 42% of employees use three different computing devices – PCs, tablets, smartphones – in any given day

For years, IT trends usually emerged in the business world and eventually trickled down to consumers. PCs were a good example of this. But today, the tail is wagging the dog, with consumers purchasing computing devices often better than the ones they’re issued at work, then asking that they be able to use them.

The consumerization trend is happening so fast, it may seem like bad news for IT, which frankly has enough on its plate to worry about.

The truth is BYO is a good opportunity for employees and organizations. The Bring Your Own phenomenon has been adopted in some form in 44% of businesses, with a whopping 94% expected to have a formal BYO policy in place by next year.

Companies like Citrix have found themselves on the cutting edge of consumerization and BYO thanks to their portfolio of desktop virtualization applications and tools. In fact, enterprise-complete products like XenDesktop have become the key to enabling and unlocking the benefits of BYO because they address many of IT’s security and regulatory issues, enabling an organization’s sensitive data to reside securely in the data center rather than on employees’ end point devices.

And Citrix doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Thanks to a forward-thinking corporate culture, they’ve already adopted their own BYO program internally, with 1,000 of their employees already voluntarily accepting a stipend from the company to purchase their own laptop and maintenance program.

The benefits have been felt at every level of the company:

  • Employees get: their own choice of device and the ability to work when and where they want
  • IT gets: centralized control, security and compliance and the ability to focus less on putting out fires and more on larger strategic issues
  • Management gets: higher productivity from employees, greater employee satisfaction and a competitive edge

Citrix has even seen a 20% cost savings through the deployment of its BYO program, which of course is music to any organization’s ears.

To learn more about how desktop virtualization and BYO are helping IT gain better control over the new reality of consumerization, watch this CIO Magazine Webinar


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