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The last virtual mile: Visibility and control on the virtualized path [Symantec]

Enterprise Software | Posted on March 23, 2012 by Andrea Malloni

As organizations move to their next phase of virtualization, with virtualized environments beyond 30%, many still worry about the infrastructure and application failures that were not as significant when applications were virtualized in the lower tiers.

Up here, there’s a much more serious risk to these business critical applications. In fact, more than half of respondents in a recent survey said their main challenge now was ensuring application availability. A big problem, though, has been finding a simple and reliable solution that can protect Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications and minimize the downtime associated with application failures within virtual machines.

While thankfully most customers aren’t choosing to leave their business critical applications unprotected, they are often delaying that last mile of virtualization or they’re moving into virtualization by compromising in one of two ways:

                •             They use traditional OS clustering, which sacrifices VMware availability features, eliminates the ability to handle planned outages, requires additional management of virtual machines, forces the virtual machine administrator to consult a separate console, as well as dredges up a host of other problems.

                •             They try to write their own monitoring scripts, which not only takes time and decreases productivity from staff, it comes to naught when subsequent new versions of applications require updating scripts again and again.

What’s ultimately needed is a simple, easy-to-use solution to provide the visibility and management of Tier 1 applications while still taking advantage of all the features of virtualization.

Symantec and VMware have teamed up to tackle this challenge and ApplicationHA is their answer. Marrying capabilities from VMware and Symantec has allowed for a single solution that can react to failures of the entire stack, from the infrastructure to the application.  ApplicationHA enables administrators to safely virtualize business-critical applications with confidence by dramatically improving application availability. Through integration with VMware vCenter™ and Veritas™ Operations Manager, ApplicationHA significantly enhances visibility and manageability in virtual environments and helps reduce operations and training costs.

5 big reasons to deploy ApplicationHA:

                •             Completes virtualization – ApplicationHA accelerates the last mile of virtualization toward a complete virtualized environment including business-critical Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications.

                •             Coordinates monitoring – ApplicationHA monitors hundreds of applications and services and, in the event of failure, coordinates with the virtual machine to restart.

                •             Centrally manages applications – ApplicationHA is fully integrated with Operations Manager, allowing administrators to have see the health of their virtualized environment from a single dashboard.

                •             Extra visibility – ApplicationHA offers an extra level of visibility into applications.

                •             VMware compatibility – ApplicationHA is fully integrated with VMware and fully compatible with VMware features.

                •             Easy to deploy and manage – ApplicationHA allows for installation directly in the vSphere client and management of applications through a single pane of glass.

All told, ApplicationHA is an easy-to-use, high-availability solution. It integrates easily with existing VMware HA environments to reduce operational costs of manually managing application availability and downtime, and finally enables organizations to virtualize their business critical applications with confidence.

Contact your Softchoice sales representative for more details on how AppHA can help you maintain visibility and control on your virtualized path.

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