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The Little Big Change in Adobe Acrobat

Enterprise Software | Posted on August 2, 2018 by Arun Kirupananthan

We all know that small improvements can make huge changes in life. A slightly better-fitting shoe can mean your feet don’t hurt at the end of the day. Tidying your apartment a little can make the difference between feeling like a slob and feeling like a put-together adult. This also applies to everything in your working life.

Take, for example, the latest feature in Adobe Acrobat DC—its complete integration with Office 365. It might sound like a small thing to have PDF services available in every relevant O365 app. But, given how often we use PDFs, this improvement can benefit your time at the office in a big way.

Generally, the benefits fall into two categories: efficiency, and security.

Office 365 Integration Makes You More Efficient 

The digital revolution in work over the last twenty years has generally improved productivity. We don’t have to deal with giant stacks of paper, typing is much faster on a computer, and we share documents with previously impossible speed. This is much is obvious.

But there’s are some drawbacks: for one, modern devices offer endless distractions that can shift our focus from the work at hand. This has an official name in productivity literature: task switching. And its costs are well-known.

According to University of Michigan psychologist Dr. David E. Meyer, task switching can cost you up to a whopping 40% of your productivity. The takeaway is to embrace any tool that minimizes task switching.

Which is what Office 365 integration does. With the new Acrobat DC, when you’re working in an Office app, you don’t need to leave that app to use PDF services. Without leaving your flow state, you can make PDFs of your work, manipulate them, and, if necessary, send them out for signature.

Over time, this improvement in focus will add up to big gains in productivity.

Office 365 Integration Makes You More Secure

When we think of insider security threats, generally we think of a nefarious or disgruntled employee. We think of an intentional act of sabotage. While these things do happen, they’re not the norm. What occurs more often is that an insider accidentally does something imprudent. According to a 2017 report by NTT Security, a full 75% of insider threats fall into this category. Unintentionally, loyal employees download malware, or send the wrong attachment to a competitor, or leave sensitive files lying around that hackers can access.

It’s that last one that the new Acrobat DC addresses. With O365 integration, your colleagues don’t have to download files from OneDrive to use Acrobat services. Within the safety of the cloud, you can bundle files, convert them to high-security PDFs, and send them anywhere. They’re not left in download folders for months on devices that access the public Internet all the time.

Even if this small upgrade saves your company from one breach, that could be a huge deal. 

Office 365 Integration Is Available Now, with a Subscription License

For these reasons, a subscription license to Acrobat DC is a compelling idea. And Adobe will continue supplementing these features in the future. But it’s not just features that make a subscription license more attractive than a perpetual license. In a subscription model, IT asset management becomes easy. It’s impossible to over-deploy., while costs become more predictable.

Contact us to talk about how we can help you transition to a subscription model that could save you money, as well as time and security costs.

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