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Time Is Tight And Risks Are High – Which Is Why Endpoint Management Is So Critical [Tivoli]

Enterprise Software | Posted on October 26, 2012 by Andrea Malloni

With expansion happening faster than IT budgets are able to keep pace, the buzzword on everyone’s lips is “efficiency”. As an IT manager, your time and resources are in short supply. The BYOD revolution is creating huge challenges to your security strategy, your licensing considerations, and your server infrastructure. You need to know where the endpoints are and what vulnerabilities exist so when risks or gaps do occur, you can address them simply and efficiently.

Simply put, you need to know that your environment is secure and well managed.

With IBM’s Tivoli Endpoint Manager, three key issues are addressed:

  1. Real-time visibility into every endpoint across your organization with a single intelligent agent
  2. First pass success rate for patch management is 95% where the industry average is 70%
  3. Discover 30-50% more assets on your network than other point tools in place.

Most newsworthy is the recent release of the Mobile Device Management portion which enables management of all iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phones (etc.) from the same management console.

When selecting an endpoint management solution, the ease of deployment and ease of use is also critical. Tivoli Endpoint manager can manage 10,000 endpoints from a single server and be implemented in as little as 1 hour.

What’s the cost of NOT implementing a solution like Endpoint Manager?

  • You could find that your network and endpoints are not in compliance
  • You may find that you’re opening yourself up to an infected network or device
  • You’re stretched thin trying to manage multiple point solutions
  • You may lose assets that are not discovered on the network and important data can leave the corporation

What’s the biggest endorsement of the solution? IBM is using this product internally to manage a staggering 850,000 endpoints on as little as two servers. Implementing Endpoint manager has resulted in a cost savings of more than $10,000,000 in the first 3 months of their deployment.

Visit our microsite and learn how to survive [and thrive] in the client computing revolution. You can also download IBM’s free ebook on maintaining continuous compliance through endpoint and audit mangement in distributed environments.

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