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Turn Data into Insights with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Enterprise Software | Posted on October 30, 2019 by Akhil Vishwanath

Turn Data into Insights Sooner with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By the time you reach the end of this sentence, 13.6MB of data will have been created for every person on earth.

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day—and the pace of that growth is increasing. By 2020, 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth.

Making sense of this explosion in data is getting harder by the day. Traditional methods are no longer viable. That’s why increasing numbers of firms are turning to IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which helps enterprises turn data into insights through an integrated cloud-native architecture.

Three data analytics challenges facing enterprises today

To appreciate the problem that Cloud Pak for Data solves, here’s a quick look at how data analytics is currently being done.

Challenge 1: Disparate Systems

A company buys, installs and maintains software and hardware solutions from multiple providers. The company uses Oracle for its database, Cognos for reporting, SAP for its ERP and Informatica for ETL (Extract, Transform, load).

The problem with this model is that the solutions are never unified. Sifting through mountains of data to find nuggets of information is restricted when you’re working with piecemeal solutions. This puts pressure on the company when it comes time to make rapid business decisions that drive competitive advantage, enhance efficiency, and help them grow the company.

Challenge 2: Competing priorities

Then add the competing priorities within the lines of business in a typical organization. The marketing folks need to set up a feed that gathers news about retail developments from outside the organization. The data scientists need to bring social media feeds and statistical feeds into your data warehouse. And then you have the folks in your organization who prefer to work in Excel spreadsheets stored on their laptops and do their own thing. When organizations face these competing priorities, it’s difficult for them to achieve their analytics objectives.

Challenge 3: Self-serve analytics

Because IT is typically bottlenecked and unable to provide all the information that each line of business needs, data analysts spend around 60% of their time finding, getting access to and modeling the data needed for analytics. They spend the majority of their time preparing the data instead of adding value.

The imperative to becoming a data-driven, insights-driven enterprise

In the past decade, nearly three-quarters of Fortune 1,000 companies have been replaced in the rankings by companies that are data-driven. Companies like Facebook and Amazon, who are using data and AI not to cut costs or grow their business, but to reshape entire industries.

This is the primary reason that 97% of executives say they’re building or launching Big Data and AI initiatives. And this is where IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data comes in.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a single unified platform that helps to unify and simplify the collection, organization, and analysis of data. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is extensible, easily customized to unique client data and AI landscapes through an integrated catalog of IBM, open-source and third-party microservices add-ons.

The solution is built on the premise that a cohesive modern data strategy is necessary to achieve modern AI and analytics results:

  • data fuels digital transformation
  • AI unlocks the value of data
  • hybrid cloud democratizes data

Cloud Pak for Data was a Forrester Wave Leader in 2019, winning their award for Enterprise Insight Platform for Q1 2019. Built on a combination of Kubernetes, the open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, and OpenShift by Red Hat, the leading hybrid cloud, enterprise container platform, Cloud Pak for Data lets you access and deploy an ecosystem of 45+ analytics services and templates from IBM and third parties.

The platform interface helps you accelerate time to value with a single platform that integrates data management, data governance, and analysis for greater efficiency and improved use of resources.

Cloud Pak for Data is cloud-agnostic. It doesn’t have to reside in the IBM cloud. It can reside on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AWS. This makes it an attractive solution for enterprises who are already heavily invested in a particular cloud host.

Silos, virtually eliminated

Cloud Pak for Data doesn’t eliminate data silos, but it makes them virtually irrelevant through data virtualization.

Data virtualization connects data silos to make them appear as if they are a single data set on a desktop. It also leverages servers where data does sit by performing analytics queries and then merely returning the results to the original application. No data is copied. It exists only at the source.

Data virtualization lets you query across multiple data sources quickly and easily without moving your data. This dramatically cuts down on the amount of time that it takes for users to get access to the information they need. And it’s all done in a single, unified platform that has data governance built around it, smart data discovery and more.


About Softchoice

Softchoice is an IBM Platinum Partner that helps you deploy Cloud Pak for Data to accelerate your journey to AI. Our services empower you to transform how your business operates with an open, extensible platform that runs on any cloud. We help you keep pace with increasing data volumes, and analyze your data to gain insights at the speed that your business requires.

To talk to a Softchoice- IBM expert email us at or or call us at +1 (800) 268-7638 today to set up a demonstration!

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