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The two sides to SaaS security you need to know about

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 13, 2015

Cloud computing, mobile, and digital technologies are transforming the way we work. Increasing worker productivity is top of mind for CEOs and many forward-thinking CIOs and IT leaders are looking to new technology to drive competitive advantage.


A recent Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey found that technology related change is a higher priority than ever before:

  • “Cloud-based business now has high recognition, as CEOs come to realize that the cloud is where new disruptive and controlling industry platforms get created.
  • “With digital starting to fundamentally change the nature of industries, CEOs’ security and risk concerns are rising. Seventy-seven percent of survey respondents agreed with the statement that ‘The digital world is creating new types and levels of risk for our business,’ and 65 percent felt that ‘Investment in risk management practices is not keeping up with new and higher levels of risk.’

As one of North America’s leading providers of technology solutions, Softchoice recognizes that fundamental to any solid technology strategy is having a clear understanding of the current state.

Softchoice’s SaaS TechCheck Assessment provides valuable insight into the cloud applications being consumed throughout your organization. Why is this important? Because it brings to light potential digital business opportunities and employee behavior, while also exposing the SaaS security risks in your business, and allowing you to take appropriate action.

Softchoice SaaS TechCheck

Our SaaS TechCheck explained in 90 seconds

Softchoice conducted their own SaaS TechCheck internally in early 2014 and discovered over 140 different SaaS apps being utilized that their IT team didn’t know about. Furthermore, nearly half of the workforce was accessing SaaS apps on a regular basis, tens of thousands of times per month! Based on these insights, Softchoice was able to implement safer protocols around the use of SaaS using single sign-on, which not only improved the end-user experience, but also decreased risk to the business.

After interviewing a number of CIOs, CISOs, and Chief Digital Officers over the past two years, I have seen a number of trends emerge when it comes to business opportunities and security risks that exist with SaaS:

Cloud Platforms

When unencumbered by legacy technology, innovation and creativity thrives.

Forward-thinking organizations are looking to leading cloud platforms, like Box, for increased time to business value. In what is being called the API economy, open platforms that enable enterprises to leverage existing on-premise investments, as well as cloud applications, drive innovative thinking from organizations. They enable each business unit to think like a start-up and create new business models and processes for competitive differentiation. Innovation is no longer constrained by outdated approaches to information technology. Instead, an employee’s creativity and imagination is unleashed.


Mobility allows organizations to achieve major operational efficiencies.

The convergence of mobile and cloud computing has enabled new business processes across every industry. Industries that are highly process-driven are seeing dramatic productivity improvements to their operations and are dominating discussions at the business level. Paper-based processes, which are historically time consuming and operationally inefficient, are being transformed through digitization. The opportunity for employees to find ‘digital moments’ in their everyday are numerous, and those organizations that look to innovative cloud-based content management platforms for automation and workflow will achieve higher levels of operational excellence.


Holistic approach to information security are reducing corporate risk.

In a digital world, cloud security is top of mind. Chief Information Security Officers already recognize that taking a perimeter defense is inadequate with today’s mobile workforce. Therefore, risk-based security assessments are being undertaken that are specific to applications in order to protect corporate information. And cloud providers recognized among the analyst community as leaders in securing corporate information are winning.

Softchoice’s SaaS TechCheck uncovers the unsanctioned SaaS currently present within your organization. Using this information, Softchoice then works with you to craft a holistic information security strategy and implement solutions that are known for advanced cloud security.

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