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Virtual Desktops Get the Security Once-Over From Trend Micro & VMware

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 6, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

Two technology leaders team up to make virtual desktops as secure as physical ones.

Fresh off the success of server virtualization, organizations everywhere are taking the next big step to cloud computing migration, pulling the OS and applications off their physical desktops and managing OS, applications and data virtually.

Like other virtualization before it, desktop virtualization – or VDI – goes a long way to addressing the big elephants in the data center: cost, complexity and security.

On the security front in particular, Trend Micro – the leader in virtualization security – has teamed up with VMware to offer organizations security that’s specifically optimized for virtual desktop environments. That’s important because by sticking with traditional security solutions, enterprises risk limiting their consolidation rates and reducing system performance, not to mention spending a lot more time managing the solution without the confidence that virtual workloads and data are adequately protected. All this can mean compromising the success of a desktop virtualization project.

What Trend Micro and VMware have done is partner to develop a comprehensive protection suite for virtual desktop environments that offers the highest security available for a wide spectrum of virtual desktop scenarios. This suite centers on two main partnered components:

VMware VShield Endpoint strengthens security for virtual machines and their hosts while improving performance by orders of magnitude for endpoint protection. VMware’s solution is designed to leverage existing investments and allow organizations to manage antivirus and anti-malware policies for virtualized environments with the same management interfaces they use to secure their physical ones.

Trend Micro Deep Security offers a single security platform for physical, virtual and cloud services as well as virtual desktops. It’s the first and only security partner solution architected specifically for VMware including:

  • First to integrate with VMsafe APIs
  • First to integrate with vShield Endpoint APIs
  • First to deliver agentless anti-malware

With Trend Micro agentless anti-malware running in the VMware environment, enterprises experience performance-maximizing virtualization-aware security that’s battle-ready for virtual environment threats. The result:up to 3X higher virtualization consolidation ratios over leading traditional physical desktop anti-malware solutions.

Need more proof? Request a FREE Softchoice Proof of Concept (POC).

Not sure if Trend Micro’s and VMware’s integrated solution can provide the security you need to optimize your organization’s virtual desktop protection and performance? Contact your Softchoice representative for a 2- to 3-hour Free Proof of Concept. During the POC, we’ll test at least one virtual server, a physical server, a virtual workstation and physical workstation so you can get real proof of:

  • Easier manageability with no security agents to update, configure and patch
  • Faster performance with freedom from AV storms
  • Higher consolidation by removing inefficient operations
  • Stronger security providing instant-on protection for virtual machines

Learn more about receiving a FREE POC, then contact your Softchoice representative.

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