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Webinar Summary: Embrace Digital Transformation with Workspace ONE

Enterprise Software | Posted on January 31, 2018 by Arun Kirupananthan

The modern workforce is a beautiful thing. Your company’s talent can execute from anywhere in the world, potentially with whatever devices they choose. This can accelerate productivity but can cause IT challenges, especially when it comes to application and device management.

How do you reduce IT time enrolling new devices and working out compatibility issues? What do you do if your sales rep loses a tablet in Dubai, compromising all your company data? How do you manage patches, so that your workforce isn’t using seven versions of the same software?

Workspace ONE enables you to drastically improve experiences and tasks that were previously costly, time-consuming, and resource intensive. Most importantly, it allows you to securely deliver the exact applications your employees need when they need them.

Deliver Efficient Consumerization

We’re no longer in the era of every employee having a standard workstation. It doesn’t make sense to give thirty people “computers” and leave it at that. Every element of your workforce has different needs, so they should be using different devices. Engineers might want big, powerful workstations. But your social media manager might be perfectly happy spending most of his time with an iPad. This calls for efficient consumerization.

Fundamentally, what Workspace ONE does is enable that. It allows you to neatly offer any app to any device at any time. Onboarding new apps and new employees couldn’t be easier. Once authenticated through the VMware Workspace ONE app, employees will instantly access their personalized enterprise app catalog where they can subscribe to virtually any mobile, web, cloud or Windows app. Workspace ONE simplifies application and access management by offering Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and support for multi-factor authentication.

Secure Your Mobile Workforce

The advantages of a mobile workforce are incredible. Email everywhere makes for agile decision-making. It’s also cool there’s an app for everything.

But the risks involved here are also incredible. Every mobile employee you have is another vector for an attack. You can’t trust everyone to be vigilant with corporate assets or to not download malware. In fact, research shows that 34% of all employees are responsible for security breaches. Eventually, someone’s going to screw up and send a sensitive email attachment over public Starbucks WiFi.

Which is why Workspace ONE offers potent security tools. Geofencing allows you to restrict access to sensitive data based on location. No financial information allowed in Starbucks. Furthermore, enterprise wiping means that you can remove all your data from any device at any time. Finally, Workspace ONE is integrated with Mobile Security Alliance, which delivers a comprehensive suite of security applications.

Handle BYOD with Style

As we’ve just discussed, Workspace ONE gives you the security that any BYOD strategy requires. And it’s easy to implement because Workspace ONE integrates with the native authentication architecture of any given device. Your employees can use their thumbprint on their iPad as part of the authentication required to access a Windows environment.

What’s more impressive, is that Workspace ONE also provides an astounding degree of cross-platform ability. For example, you can seamlessly deliver Windows apps to an iPad. Or a Chromebook. Or an Android phone.

Do Windows 10 Better

Windows 10 is the first truly mobile operating system. It’s a massive change, and it provides challenges in terms of application management. Workspace ONE surmounts them. It can continuously maintain patch compliance on Windows 10 devices, which is often a concern. As well, it delivers apps to Windows 10 flawlessly, despite its unique graphics requirements. In other words, you don’t need to be afraid of Windows 10 migration anymore.


With Workspace ONE, you can embrace the creative possibilities of diverse hardware, while avoiding the complications. Your company would be one of the 72% of all organizations that supports BYOD with a secure environment. You get flexibility and scalability without sacrificing safety or control.


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