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Who delivers best-of-breed virtualization? [Red Hat]

Enterprise Software | Posted on August 26, 2010 by Softchoice Advisor

You depend on choice in your data center. It keeps your costs down, it keeps vendors competing for your business and it accelerates the development of technology. The thought of losing this diversity of options sends shivers down your spine. But until recently server virtualization might have felt like a one-vendor world.

Red Hat to the rescue.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offers a credible choice for virtualizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Microsoft Windows Server workloads.

Virtualization the open source way
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is more than just another choice for virtualization—it is a credible alternative in the virtualization world. The open source foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization gives you visibility into the entire virtualization stack. The source code for Red Hat’s hypervisor technology is freely available to anyone.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is sold through the same business model as all Red Hat products, with a yearly subscription model. Red Hat works collaboratively with the open source community, and aggregates, tests, hardens, and certifies the code for its enterprise solution. A subscription includes more than just the right to run the software, it includes around-the-clock support, updates, bug fixes, manageability, a robust certified ecosystem, and long-term stability at an affordable price. This model means we have to prove the value of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to our customers every day, or they choose not to renew. This gives customers more than just another choice. It gives them a seat at the development table and a chance to participate in their own success.

The best virtualization technology
The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisor uses the same Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel used by thousands of organizations for their mission-critical applications and transforms it into a hypervisor using kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) technology. This means your virtualization inherits the superior scalability, performance, and compatibility of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The best performance on real-world enterprise applications: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization gives you the best performance by leveraging Red Hat’s industry-leading hardware enablement, memory management, and process-scheduling technologies.
Red Hat to the rescue.

The best compatibility
The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisor is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so your Red Hat applications maintain their certifications when running on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. And the solution is Microsoft® SVVP®-certified, so your Windows Server workloads are fully supported as well.

The best hardware ecosystem
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization shares the same extensive server hardware compatibility list as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. And it inherits the considerable optimization and enablement Red Hat develops for the newest server hardware like the Intel® Xeon 7500 series and the AMD® Opteron® 6000 series multicore, multithreaded, high-performance server platforms.

The best security
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization uses SELinux, developed in conjunction with the US government and leading IT vendors, as its security backbone. You can also use SELinux policies to secure your Windows virtual machines, allowing you to apply the same security policies to your Linux and Windows workloads. And in future versions, the open- source sVirt project will add even more granularity and virtual resource security to your virtualization security arsenal.

The best enterprise features
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization delivers enterprise-ready virtualization features, such as live migration, high availability, and power management, to your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. Our “one edition” model doesn’t charge you more to get the features you need, or charge you for features you don’t want.

The best total cost of ownership
Low upfront cost, predictable yearly subscription rates, and award- winning service and support are yours with your Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization subscription.

You’re ready to choose. What do I do now?
For more information, contact your Softchoice representative, or visit for information on Red hat server and desktop virtualization offerings.


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