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Why choose the Cisco Enterprise Agreement with Softchoice?

Enterprise Software | Posted on May 14, 2019 by Susana Byun

Did you know that you can reduce your licensing costs, simplify management and maximize your ROI through a Cisco Enterprise Agreement?

Learn how to make the most of your Cisco technology through Steve and John’s story. Watch the video:

Here’s John. He purchases his Cisco licenses as the need arises. Each time John needs to deploy a license or enable a new feature, he calls his supplier, orders it, and waits for an activation key. This wastes precious time and keeps John from focusing on more strategic priorities.

Buying licenses like this make it hard for John to keep track of what he’s got. He also has to deal with annual price increases. All this leads to overbuying and struggling to budget precisely. Unfortunately, because his individual support contracts all have different expiry dates, he’s unsure which ones still have support coverage, putting his environment at risk of outages and security breaches.

How can John make the most of his Cisco technology? …And budget more efficiently?

John could learn a thing or two from Steve… Steve has a single Cisco Enterprise Agreement to manage all of his network, collaboration, and security software! The Cisco Enterprise Agreement covers upfront purchase fees and maintenance over a three or five year period. With full license portability, Steve acquires licenses and enables features whenever he needs through a single, easy-to-use portal, making license provisioning even simpler.

Steve spends a lot more time focusing on valuable IT projects and less time managing licenses. Plus, Steve saves money upfront through “better together” pricing and is allowed to grow up to 20% at no additional cost. He also gets access to expert guidance and free services vouchers to optimize his deployments and support end user technology adoption.

Be like Steve… Ensure your Cisco investments deliver the best possible returns. As a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor Partner, Softchoice simplifies your licensing experience with free expert technology assessments, as well as support for technology adoption and end-user training.

Optimize your Cisco technology today! Download our Cisco EA Buyer’s Guide for more. 

Cisco EA Buyer's Guide



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