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Is your hybrid cloud security agile?

Security | Posted on July 21, 2016 by Softchoice Advisor

Hybrid cloud environments are the new norm for many enterprises, but are they being secured in the best way possible?

Are hybrid cloud deployments secure?

Security is always top of mind when it comes to using the public cloud. Still, organizations with some of the most demanding data integrity, privacy and compliance requirements are taking the plunge and adopting cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others to meet their business goals. In fact, according to Gartner, 36 percent of healthcare, 27 percent of insurance providers and 25 percent of governments will have a hybrid cloud model by 2017.

Securing the use of public cloud infrastructure isn’t like traditional computer security. Amazon, of course, secures its datacenters, network, and physical infrastructure, but the responsibility to secure applications in the public cloud is shared with users.

Traditionally the best way to protect hybrid deployments has been through security solutions installed in the datacenter. Workloads need to be protected with anti-virus and anti-malware, firewall protection and deep packet inspection, such as that from intrusion detection (IDS) and protection (IPS) systems. They also must meet regulatory demands, such as those of PCI compliance or other standards, using file integrity monitoring and log inspections.

Trend Micro’s Deep Security provides all of these security elements under a single pane of glass, protecting against intrusions like Shellshock and Heartbleed, blocking malware and watching for indicators of compromise through integrity monitoring and log inspection. So, with one solution in place, your hybrid environment can be secured.

But is it optimized? Is it truly agile and cost-effective? What about extending the benefits of your hybrid cloud deployment to the security protecting it?

A revolution in hybrid cloud security

With many more organizations moving the bulk of their workloads to AWS, it was time for a change. Recognizing this, Trend Micro has developed the Deep Security AMI (Amazon Machine Image), a virtual appliance version of its solution that protects physical, virtual and cloud resources all with the elasticity of the cloud. It protects instances in AWS and virtual machines on other clouds—even virtual machines running VMware in the datacenter—only with consumption-based, per-hour-per-server pricing that is added directly to the AWS bill.

trend micro deep security for AWS and softchoice

This simplifies your security management by centralizing it across assets while making it highly scalable and taking advantage of the cloud model. Security deployment is suddenly streamlined to taking minutes, allowing for resources to be secured as quickly as they are brought online and supporting burst in traffic and workload. Say a new web campaign becomes hugely successful, as new resources are brought online, Deep Security auto-scales, instantly applying to new virtual machines based on security rules set specific to the workload and costs are based on only the resources secured. It’s pay-as-you-go computing, only applied to security!

Thanks to this new approach, you can have complete cloud protection and continuous compliance coupled with scalability and pricing that matches modern elastic workloads.

Secure your hybrid cloud journey

More information on using Trend Micro Deep Security with AWS and a free trial can be found here. Or learn more by scheduling a consultation with a Softchoice Cloud Services for AWS architect. We can help you to design an effective strategy that optimizes your IaaS deployment to increase agility, and reduce costs and time to market, while defended by powerful security.

To learn more about Softchoice’s security offerings, visit our Ultimate Security Hub.

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